April 19, 2023

Enabling Modern Application Delivery at the Edge with VMware Tanzu

Edge computing is a critical enabler for modern applications that require low latency, real-time processing, and high bandwidth connectivity. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G networks, edge computing has become increasingly important for industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and logistics. VMware Tanzu and Edge Technologies provide a comprehensive platform for building, deploying, and managing applications at the edge.

With Tanzu at the edge, Kubernetes can be everywhere. This enables you to leverage the benefits of cloud-native architectures such as scalability, agility, and resilience, while ensuring low latency and high availability. Lightweight options of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid are available to minimize the footprint and optimize the use of limited compute, network, and IT resources. Run a variety of edge applications, including containerized applications and virtual machines. This enables you to run the applications that your business needs, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

The build systems and tools that are currently being used in your environment can easily be integrated. Or begin using Tanzu Application Platform to deliver more secure paths to production for edge-native applications that require low latency and high availability, such as machine learning, video analytics, and real-time decision-making applications. With automated deployment, scaling, and management capabilities, you can accelerate application delivery and reduce time-to-market. 

VMware Tanzu provides business continuity capabilities, such as disaster recovery, backup, and failover. This ensures that your edge applications remain available and resilient in the face of unexpected events.  Since many Tanzu components have an open-source foundation, a rich ecosystem of third-party apps and services can be integrated.

The video below will show VMware Edge Compute stack running a SuperMicro device with an attached webcam. The facial recognition application is able to determine if the person walking by is wearing a face mask and displays it on the screen with a red or green indicator. 


VMware Tanzu provides a comprehensive platform for building, deploying, and managing modern applications at the edge.

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