Fewshot prompt to extract succinct command examples from software documentation with VMware Tanzu example

March 31, 2023

I am working on a process where the end result is to do some automated code generation. But, before I get there, I need to create some training data, and as part of that, I want to extract a succinct list of labeled commands and usage examples. All that information is in the docs, but, the docs have a lot of other details too, its all good relevant info, but in this case I need to gather just the succinct command examples in a specific format to use for training.

This post will share an example prompt, and later I will share some more logic to automate additional steps in this process. This example shows how I can get my desired result for one specific command, and there are dozens or hundreds I want to prep while automating as much as I can. So next I will probably look at using langchain to automate going through all of the various urls and automating prompt generation and result correlation for each.

Continue reading this post at https://artfewell.com/blog/fewshot-command-extraction/

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