Secure Package Management on TMC Managed Clusters

February 13, 2023

Having self service capabilities for cluster provisioning is a great thing for many organizations, but deploying a cluster is not enough.

We need the ability to have certain software installed in every cluster, before our end user begins working with it.

This could be infra services like an Ingress Controller, External DNS or Cert Manager. It could also be monitoring tools like Prometheus or Grafana, logging tools like FluentBit or Loki, and many times it could be security tooling like Aqua or Prisma.

Many organizations due to the complexity of this setup, decide to have some sort of pipeline that provisions clusters, installs software imperatively, and then sends a notification to the requesting user with the details for connecting to this cluster.

In this post, we will see how this can be achieved in a declarative approach, without custom automation, using TMC.

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