Setting up Gitlab for Tanzu Application Platform 1.4

January 28, 2023

Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) 1.4 has some cool integrations with Github and Gitlab. While I have my public TAP environment integrated with GitHub, today I am working on updating my ovathetap project, which implements TAP on a single node lab environment. I intend to use this lab for different trainings and want to keep it self contained so while its always an option, people would not need to use their own credentials to have a complete experience in the lab environment.

I have also been wanting to use gitlab in a lab environment for years just to get some more experience with it and be able to offer insight for the many many enterprise customers who use gitlab - the only reason I havent sooner is because I often build labs where having as low footprint as possible is a key goal and using as much SaaS as possible is a benefit, which has resulted in almost all my git experience being on github.

So I was excited to learn about it and am pleased to report it was a pretty elegant experience, if you come from a background working with GitHub, it is true that Gitlab has some differences so you have to adapt some, but its pretty straightforward and well documented. Another nice benefit which I think will become a really important criteria soon is, ChatGPT is pretty knowledgable with it and I was able to get some decent help to speed me through some questions I had during my setup … keep an eye out for another blog on that topic specifically as its a bit too much to detail in this post with all the other things I am trying to cover here.

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