February 29, 2024

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.5 Adds Support for Kubernetes 1.28

VMware Kubernetes Grid 2.5 is now generally available. This minor release adds support for new versions of upstream components and brings enhancements to upstream features. Here's what's going on in this new release:

  • Support for Kubernetes support for 1.28. Here's all the Kubernetes v1.28: Planternetes release notes.
  • AWS and Azure have been removed as supported infrastructure providers. Public cloud provider support is being phased out in favor of Tanzu Mission Control feature set of deploying directly to native public clouds. 
  • Support for deploying IPv6/IPv4 dual stack management & workload clusters with TKGm on vSphere has been added. 
  • More improvements around ClusterClass for Legacy Cluster users. This will allow a shift to more standard deployments.
  • Airgap deployments now have isolated cluster plugin improvements.
  • Still a part of Tech Preview, Backup/Restore of management clusters have minor improvements to work with restore verification, IPv6, vSphere 8U2 support, and drift detection.
  • Tanzu Mission Control feature integrations that include the depreciation of public cloud to Tanzu Kuberentes Grid 2.5

Operating systems related feature updates:

  • Photon OS 5 (replacing Photon OS 3) support for K8s v1.28 & v1.27
  • Ubuntu 22.04 (replacing Ubuntu 20.04) support for K8s v1.28
  • Ubuntu OS 20.04 hardening improvements for K8s v1.26 and v1.27
  • Ubuntu OS 22.04 and Photon 5 hardening (stable)

In other cool news there were a total of 111 bugs addressed and plenty of security updates in this release. Check out all the release notes or download Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.5 on customer connect.


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