April 14, 2023

Tanzu What’s New - April 14, 2023 Edition

The Tanzu portfolio is the perfect solution for any organization, providing up-to-date technology and resources. With recent releases such as GemFire 10.0 and Tanzu Application Platform 1.5.0, users can access helpful how-to guides, product updates, blogs, and videos. To get the most out of their Tanzu journey, users are welcome to join upcoming webinars, events, and access the Tanzu Techzone. Furthermore, the Resources section provides users with various Tanzu links to enable their Tanzu portfolio. Come experience the power of Tanzu!


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller 

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Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week and release notes for more details.

Product Name


Release Date

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VMware Tanzu Operations Manager
This release includes a  new BOSH DNS version. Check Release Notes for New Features and  Bug fix details



Release Notes

VMware Tanzu Application Platform
Check Release Notes for Security Fixes, Resolved Issues and Known Issue details
1.5.0 also includes Breaking changes







Release Notes
Breaking Changes

Release Notes

Release Notes

VMware Data Solutions
VMware GemFire
Check Release Notes for New features and improvements and Resolved issues  and Product Updates section features more details



Release Notes
Resolved Issues

VMware™ RabbitMQ®
Check Release Notes for Component version details



Release Notes

Other Releases
Check Release notes for CVE Security fixes and Component versions details



Release Notes

Spring Cloud Data Flow for VMware Tanzu
Check Release notes for features included



Release Notes

API Portal for VMware Tanzu
Check Release Notes for CVE fix details



Release Notes


VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI)

VMware Tanzu Application Services for VMs (TAS)

VMware Tanzu Operations Manager (Opsman)

VMware Data Solutions
VMware Data Solutions is a family of data-driven solutions built to store, process, and query critical data resources in real-time and at a massive scale, both on-premises and in the multi-cloud world. Explore how VMware Data Solutions build on VMware’s long history of infrastructure and cloud innovation, enabling customers to modernize their approach to data and enhance their digital transformation efforts.

Tanzu Techzone Featuring VMware Data Solution Updates
Landing Page to find VMware Data Solution product Blogs, White papers and other assets
VMware Data Solutions Include product family such as VMware Greenplum, VMware GemFire, VMware RabbitMQ, VMware SQL, VMware Data Services Manager  

VMware GemFire
GemFire 10.0.0 GA today and available now!!!!

VMware’s high-speed in-memory database for low-latency applications. GemFire 10 marks a significant milestone with over 21 years of active development since its inception in 2002. This new major version brings much anticipated improvements in operations, performance, and ease of use.

Top 5 Feature highlights

  • GemFire Management Console - a new graphical user interface that simplifies fleet management and configuration of GemFire clusters.
  • Plugin Extensions Model:  an easy way to extend the core GemFire data engine with new capabilities, including a drop-in Redis adapter, full-text Search with Lucene, and Session State management on Tomcat.
  • GemFire Developer Center:  a new developer-focused microsite (https://gemfire.dev) that consolidates examples, tutorials, blogs, and other content into a single destination.
  • Support for Spring Boot 3 and related integrations.
  • Improved JSON document support, faster multi-site replication, low latency garbage collection with Java 17 and Z Garbage Collector, and much more!

Introducing VMware GemFire 10 - Release Announcement Blog
GemFire Developer Center - New!!!! - To learn more about GemFire, this center will have quickstart guides, tutorials, videos, and blog articles to help you get started!

* VMware GemFire 10 is designated the “Gideon” release in honor of our colleague Gideon Low.

Tanzu Service Mesh (TSM)
Tanzu Service Mesh provides advanced, end-to-end connectivity, security, and insights for modern applications—across application end-users, microservices, APIs, and data—enabling compliance with Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and data protection and privacy regulations



Demos & Videos


VRABBI'S BLOG - Kubernetes and Tanzu Ramblings
vrabbi's blog  by Scott Rosenberg, has been writing detailed blogs on TKG TMC and TAP. TAP Blogs  , TKG Blogs . His blogs have been regularly featured on VMware Advocacy social media as well. Now featured on Tanzu Techzone Community as well. Scott is gifting us with all sorts of TAP enriching blogs this week.

TAP content by Scott featured on Tanzu Techzone Community this week
TAP 1.5 – IDE Plugin Enhancements
TAP 1.5 – App SSO Enhancements
TAP 1.5 – Azure DevOps Is Now Supported
TAP 1.5 – New Trivy / Aqua Integration
TAP 1.5 – Dynamic Service Provisioning With Crossplane
TAP 1.5 – Spring Cloud Gateway
TAP 1.5 – Application Accelerator Updates
TAP 1.5 – GitOps Installation
TAP 1.5 – Application Configuration Service
TAP 1.5 – Namespace Provisioner Gets A Major Update
TAP 1.5 – External Secrets Operator Enhancements
TAP 1.5 – What’s New

VMware Data Solutions
VMware GemFire
Experience the Latest Features of VMware GemFire for Redis Apps 1.1.0 - John M briefs on VMware GemFire for Redis Apps is an extension for VMware GemFire and its latest release and features

General - Best Practice for DevOps Team and Platform Engineering
The Golden Path to Cloud Success - James W  sharing insights on best practice on work stream focused approach.

VMware Tanzu Fundamentals
The VMware Tanzu team introduces important technology topics in quick, easy-to-understand videos. This week , What Are Containers? – VMware Tanzu Fundamentals - In this video, Vincent Osterman breaks down containers, virtual machines, their strengths, and their differences. Check out Tanzu Tech Insights page for more details on containers.

Tanzu Talk PodCast
Your Three Friends, Edward Grigson, Ben Wilcock  and  Michael Cote do a regular developer focused podcast on current industry topics. This week Creating the business case for platform engineering, Kerry Schaffer . In this episode, Coté talks with Kerry Schaffer about that business case, but also about the role of developer happiness and platform marketing. Tanzu Talk YouTube playlist for Tanzu live topics.

Golden Path to SpringOne Join in Application Developers !!!
Lineup of Speakers from VMware and beyond, cover everything from Spring, programming tools, platforms, and tech stacks to the people, processes, culture changes, and real-world stories that will empower today’s developers to do more. New shows air every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm ET until we see you at SpringOne at VMware Explore in August 2023.
Apr 18 - How Netflix Really Uses Java Today - In this talk, we’ll discuss the current Netflix architecture(s), how and why we evolved from previous iterations, and our Java tech stack.
Apr 20 - Automated Refactoring for Spring-Based Applications - This talk will include some live demonstrations of automated migrations on real-world Java applications and libraries.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023  Request a meeting - Amsterdam
Apr 18-21 - Checkout Keynotes, Session and Featured Products -  Join us at KubeCon EU 2023 where our experts will share the latest in open source contributions and cloud native technologies.

VMware Technology Forum  - Join
Apr 18 (London) - VMware Technology Forum to help you innovate faster in the multi-cloud world. Join our experts and customers to find out more about the latest advancements in multi-cloud services for cloud native applications, cloud infrastructure, cloud management, security and networking, and anywhere workspaces.

Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS) - Do not miss this webinar !
Apr 19 - What’s new with VMware Tanzu Application Service 4.0 LTST - Nick K  and Karim C will be happy to answer questions. Attend this webinar to learn about the latest long-term support release for Tanzu Application Service and improve developer productivity, platform experience and ecosystem updates for TAS.

VMware Explore 2023 on its way to Save the Date! - Las Vegas - Aug 21-24
Save the date, will keep you posted on agenda and sessions.  Stay tuned!!!  Other Explore 2023 Location and Schedules

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