April 28, 2023

Tanzu What’s New - April 28, 2023 Edition

Tanzu What's New Series bring in Awaited  TAS 4.0 release information and informative blogs and videos , Gemfire for TAS 1.14.8 is available now. Troubleshooting  KB articles with resolutions, Golden opportunity for customers to participate in product improvements. Sign up for Tanzu designer user research program, TMC Tanzu TechZone handy reference , Don't miss out  Integrated Windows Authentication Feature video, Backstage based TAS 4.0 portal and Upcoming Webinar and Events details. Last but not least quick and handy reference links under Resource section.

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day." - Jim Rohn 

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Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week and release notes for more details. Some of the important releases for earlier week missed are also included here.

Product Name


Release Date

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VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS)
Check Release notes for Features, Security Fix, Breaking Changes  and Bumped Component version details



Release Notes
New Features
Breaking Changes


VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs [Windows] (TASW)
Check Release notes for Security Fix, Bumped Component version and new feature Integrated Windows Auth details



Release Notes

New Features
Breaking Changes

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI)
Check Release notes for fixes, new features, product snapshot details





Release Notes
Product Snapshot

New Features

Release Notes
Product Snapshot

New Features

SaaS Product Release Updates
Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)
Check Release notes for April Patch release features. Added lifecycle management support for pre-existing EKS clusters, Enhanced UI for image registry policy. Blogs section have relevant blogs added

Patch Release


April Updates

Apr 25 Updates

Apr 26 Updates

VMware Data Solutions
VMware GemFire for Tanzu Application Service
Check Release Notes to find supported TAS versions. Runs GemFire 9.15.5



Release Notes

Other Releases
Isolation Segment
Check Release notes for Breaking changes, Features and Bumped Component version details



Release Notes
New Features
Breaking Changes

Check Release notes for dependency Bumps and feature details



Release Notes

API portal for VMware Tanzu
Check Release notes for the fix detail



Release Notes

VMware Tanzu Build Service (TBS)
Check Release notes for the Bug Fix, Features, Breaking Change details



Release Notes


VMware Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

VMware Tanzu Application Services for VMs (TAS)

Tanzu Designer Research Program Highly Recommended!!

The Tanzu design user research program contributes to the continued improvement of our products and your participation is highly appreciated. Please sign up for the newsletter here to receive monthly highlights including the available research opportunities that you can participate in. 

Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)

  • Checkout the Tanzu Mission Control - Tech Zone to stay updated on the latest news with the platform.
  • Monthly Customer Newsletter - TMC Product Feature Updates, Demos, Office Hours, Tips, Announcements are sent via Customer success team to TMC users.  You can also follow the earlier editions in Tanzu TechZone  here.

VMware Tanzu Mission Control
Speed Up and Scale Amazon EKS Cluster Deployments with New VMware Tanzu Mission Control Features -  Andrew S, Carol P ,Corey D  announces New features to speed up and scale Amazon EKS cluster deployments in this blog. (Blog)

Get More Flexible Kubernetes Security with Policy Improvements in VMware Tanzu Mission Control - Pablo S,Carol P,Corey D ‘s blog describes additional policy improvements in Tanzu Mission Control designed to enhance Kubernetes security. (Blog)

VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs[Windows] (TASW)
How to Use IWA in .Net Framework Applications with VMware Tanzu Application Service 4.0 - Brandon Roberson gives a deep dive into Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) for .Net Framework applications in VMware Tanzu Application Service 4.0. (Video)

Backstage Has Landed in VMware Tanzu Application Service 4.0 - Nick K deep dives into the new Backstage-based Tanzu Application Service portal, now available in Tanzu Application Service 4.0! (Video)

VMware Application Catalog (VAC)
VMware Application Catalog Now Delivers Open Source SBoM in SPDX Format - Bala B shares on why SBOM is need of the hour details.  The software bill of materials (SBoM) that comes with the container images of VMware Application Catalog is now available in Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) format. (Blog)

State of Kubernetes 2023 - Hot off the press !! Learn how your peers are maximizing their infrastructure, this is a must read eBook!

As developers manage Kubernetes less, their productivity goes up - State of Kubernetes Survey - 60% of respondents say that their developers are more productive with Kubernetes. Read the eBook above for more details. (Video)

Golden Path to SpringOne Join in Application Developers !!!

Lineup of Speakers from VMware and beyond, cover everything from Spring, programming tools, platforms, and tech stacks to the people, processes, culture changes, and real-world stories that will empower today’s developers to do more. New shows air every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm ET until we see you at SpringOne at VMware Explore in August 2023.
May 2 - Transformation Journey of a Wealth Management Portal Towards a Modern Cloud Native Architecture - Our goal was to build a modern and easy-to-use digital wealth management platform for advisors/financial professionals and their clients to collaborate better and transform the value chain with an engineering transformation initiative.

May 4 - Securing the Service-to-Service Call Chain Patterns and Protocols - Learn all the key patterns along with technical and security tradeoffs for each of the patterns, allowing you to choose the patterns that will best fit your specific requirements.

Kubernetes - Attention application Developers!!
May 3 - Kubernetes Choice with Guard Rails - What it Means for your Business - We'll also learn about global policy automation and management and how that can help your developers remain productive.

VMware VExpert - Do not miss this opportunity!!  Apply Now 
vExpert 2023 Sub-Program Award Announcement & The vExpert Second Half Application Period - If you are interested in becoming part of this unique opportunity, you must first become a vExpert and then apply for the sub-program(s). The application submission period for the 2023 second half vExpert program will start on June 15th and end on June 29th. The voting period will start June 30th and second half awards will be announced on July 19th. check out the vExpert Directory which provides profiles of each vExpert in each program.

VMware Explore 2023 on its way to Register Now !! - Las Vegas - Aug 21-24
VMware Explore | See you in Las Vegas - It’s 2023 and VMware Explore is coming to Las Vegas. Join us at the center of the multi-cloud universe, August 21-24, 2023 at The Venetian Convention and Expo Center. Other Explore 2023 Location and Schedules | SpringOne@Explore | Spring One@Explore FAQ

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