August 05, 2022

Tanzu What's New - August 5, 2022 Edition

Tanzu Product Releases

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition(TKGI)

  • VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition Release Version: 1.12.8 Release Date: 2022-08-03  End of General Support: 2022-09-30 Release Notes (CVE fixes included)

Other Releases

  • Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu 3.1.38 Release Date: 2022-08-04  Release Notes (service-registry dashboard fixes included)


Product Series

Technical Marketing Team Enablement Materials (External)

  • What is VMWare Tanzu (Webinar) - vMUG Webinar (Technical) presented by Boskey Savla and Ryan Baker, Senior Technical Marketing leads, Check the PPT deck below
  • TKO Marketecture - Boskey wants to inform you about this NEW  Resourceful Page !!! is included in documentation with all components of TKO with corresponding links, additional resources and pages.  Do Bookmark this


Blogs and Videos

Tanzu Service Mesh (TSM)

Tanzu Talk Podcast: What is a "Service Mesh"? with Oren Penso -  (Podcast Video)

In this episode, Ben and Coté talk with Oren Penso about the evolution of the service mesh idea, how it's evolved over recent years, and a little overview of the VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

Tanzu Application Services (TAS) - Tech Zone New!!!

Apps & Cloud Management Tech Zone provides a TAS learning path

Check out the Tech Zone modules that have Demos,Workshops, Labs and Deep Dives. They have a TAS learning path now. 

Webinars and Events

VMWare Explore Event - Do not Miss

VMWare Explore (SFO Registration - Aug 29 - Sep 1,  Europe Registration - November 7-10)

The VMware Explore 2022 US Content Catalog is now available for browsing. Explore 900+ sessions across 12 tracks from over 1,000 speakers. Register and view the US Content Catalog  Europe Content Catalog

Kube Academy Office Hours

Aug 11 10 am PDT - Core Concepts Part 4 - Additional App Features Office hours  Register if you have not!!!
This Office hours will cover , The features of Kubernetes that satisfy the applications that need persistent storage and are configured differently per environment and your question on the course

After a brief introduction, KubeAcademy instructor Ryan Schneider will proceed to host a live Q&A to answer your questions about the course material. Completing this course is not a prerequisite to attending this webinar.

NSX-Advanced Load Balancer (Avi)

Aug 18 10 am PDT - Multi-Cloud Load Balancing 101 and Hands-On Lab

Learn modern load balancing with interactive Q&A (30 mins) , Experience the hands-on lab environment and explore use cases (1 hour)

General (K8s)

Aug 10 8pm PDT  - Simplify K8s Platform Operations Across Clouds

Erick Gubi - Senior Solution Engineer VMware Tanzu from APJ , will discuss the practical approaches to help your team simplify and streamline K8s platform operations

Thanks and Regards,

Aruna Srinivasan (She/Her)

Sr. Digital Content Manager - Tanzu Customer Success




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