February 16, 2024

Tanzu What’s New - Feb 16,2024 Edition

This week we bring you, various Tanzu Product releases with its release notes , Excellent KB articles , Exciting Blog about TAC enabling Stronger Alignment with Data Residency Requirements, Tanzu CloudHealth Remains Committed to Customers’ FinOps Journey  and 2023 Product Highlights, Spring Updates for this week, how TSR empowers Developers and Spring Integration for GemFire availability,  Don't forget to register for upcoming Tanzu webinars on RMQ and TAC , Resource section has all bookmark worthy links for your reference. Tanzu Techzone is your one home for all Tanzu information..  Subscribe to our RSS feed and stay informed on the go.



“If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.” - Milton Berle

Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week with release notes and relevant links for more information. 

Product Name Version Release Date Related Links
Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
Release Notes with details on Resolved issues and Security fixes.





Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes

Tanzu Operations Manager (OpsMan)
This release includes a new version of System Metrics, which will cause all VMs to redeploy. Check Release Notes for Resolved fixes and Feature details.  

Plan to upgrade from 2.10.x sooner, as EOGS nearing. Use Upgrade Planner for upgrades)


2.10.70 (Check EOGS date)


Release Notes

Release Notes

SaaS Product Release Updates
Tanzu Application Catalog (TAC)
Applying user-defined application customizations to all container images in the catalog. 
Patch Release


Release Notes

Product Updates section for more info.

Tanzu Data Solutions
VMware SQL with MySQL for Tanzu Application Service™
Multi-site replication can be configured using highly available (HA) leaders in this release. Check Release Notes for Breaking changes and details.
Release Notes
VMware Greenplum®
Check Release Notes for the resolved Issue details.



Release Notes


VMware RabbitMQ® for TAS™ 
Check Release notes for Fix details and Known Issue information




Release Notes

Release Notes

Check out the troubleshooting Tips and Resolutions on various Tanzu Products. This section is a great resource for you to bookmark and quickly prevent issues before pushing applications to Production.

Tanzu Operations Manager (OpsMan)
Logrotate timer does not work in OpsMan creating large log files - OpsMan vm logs are being rotated with the use of logrotate timers and config. Sometimes this fails and the logs are not rotated, creating very large log files. 

DNS Resolution Configuration Per Domain - Users may want to configure DNS resolution for just a few domains and get others out of DNS resolution. Check the KB article on the steps.

Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS)
.NET Applications Prior to Version 6 May Encounter Compatibility Issues on Jammy-Based Diego Cells - This KB article aims to highlight the possibility of unexpected behavior in .NET applications developed with SDK version 5 or earlier, deployed on Ubuntu Jammy Stemcell-based Diego Cells within TAS.

VMWare Tanzu Application Catalog
Apply User-Defined Customizations to Tanzu Application Catalog Containers
Tanzu Application Catalog now allows applying user-defined application customizations to all container images in the catalog. With this new capability, you can add application-specific post-build scripts into the Tanzu Application Catalog build process so your artifacts meet requirements such as installing certificates, adding plug-ins, or removing libraries or components from each container image.

February Updates to Apply User-Defined Customizations to Tanzu Application Catalog Containers - Release Notes

Tanzu Application Catalog (TAC)
Tanzu Application Catalog: Enabling Stronger Alignment with Data Residency Requirements - (Blog) Bala Bharathy U Tanzu Application Catalog, the enterprise edition of Bitnami Application Catalog, delivers custom-configured, built-to-spec open source software packages to your own private registry, or to a Tanzu-hosted registry, from where you can deploy them on to any platform.

Tanzu Intelligent Services
Tanzu Cloud Health (TCH)
Tanzu CloudHealth Remains Committed to Customers’ FinOps Journey Post Acquisition - (Blog) T J March FinOps began to take root as a cultural practice, and Tanzu CloudHealth embraced the practice and became the first Premier Member of the FinOps Foundation. 

2023 Product Highlights from Tanzu CloudHealth - (Blog) Lucas Paratore We set a new record by delivering over 150 innovative features, making it the most productive year since I joined CloudHealth! From rightsizing to forecasting to policies, let’s dig into what we’ve shipped this year.

Spring Updates
Tanzu Spring Runtime: Empowering Developers for Tomorrow's Challenges  - (Blog) Michelle Sebek Tanzu Spring Runtime offers more than just your everyday runtime environment. It provides a comprehensive suite of entitlements that redefine accessibility, support, and capabilities in the realm of modern application development behind ChatGPT) and tools to support the RAG (retrieval augmented generation) pipeline. Explore Tanzu Spring Runtime.

This Week in Spring - February 14th, 2024 - Must read for all Spring fans. Josh L shares the exciting updates for this week in Spring.

Tanzu Data Solutions
VMware GemFire 
Spring Integration for GemFire is Now Available - (Blog) Patrick Johnson This guide will walk you through an example using Spring integration to tie together RabbitMQ, GemFire, and a Postgres database.

Upcoming Events and Webinars sorted in Date order below for your convenience with relevant links and information for you to not miss these key happenings.
Tanzu Data Solutions
Tanzu RabbitMQ
Feb 22 - Unlocking Enterprise-Grade Messaging and Streaming with Tanzu RabbitMQ - Join our webinar to navigate the advanced realm of Tanzu RabbitMQ and propel your messaging infrastructure to enterprise-grade efficiency and resilience.

Tanzu Application Catalog (TAC)
Feb 28 - Mitigate Open Source Software Supply Chain Risks - Join this webinar to learn how you can use Tanzu Application Catalog, the enterprise edition of Bitnami Application Catalog to Procure open source software application components with minimal CVEs and more.

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