January 12, 2024

Tanzu What’s New - Jan 12,2024 Edition

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Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week with release notes and relevant links for more information. 

Product Name Version Release Date Related Links
Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
Check Release notes for Security Fix details and Known Issue information.



2024-01-09 Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes
Tanzu Data Services
VMware RabbitMQ® for TAS™ 
Check Release notes for Fix details and Known Issue information

2024-01-11 Release Notes

Release Notes
Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu 
Check Release notes for New features, fix and Known Issue - v3.2 requires more disk space details
3.2.2 2024-01-10 Release Notes

New Features

Security Fixes

Check out the troubleshooting Tips and Resolutions on various Tanzu Products. This section is a great resource for you to bookmark and quickly prevent issues before pushing applications to Production.

Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
TAP workload deploy failed due to pod was evicted with message "The node was low on resource: ephemeral-storage" - Customer using TAP v1.6.2 with TKGs underlying found that they are unable to create new workloads in TAP iterate cluster. 

Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS)
Cloud Controller fails to start due to a race condition between nginx_cc and ccng_monit_http_healthcheck jobs - Bosh deployment fails, caused by a race condition, with the following error indicating in this article with resolution details.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)|
Velero restore TMC add-on (95140) - This article describes the best approach to backup and restore an add-on deployed from TMC using velero 

Tanzu Application Catalog
Tanzu Application Catalog: Mitigating Upstream CVE Risks without Compromising Quality - (Blog) Martin Perez list of best practices that we have adopted to ensure that we deliver OSS with minimal CVEs to our users without any compromise in quality.

Tanzu Application Platform
How to Curate and Manage Your APIs in Tanzu Application Platform  - (Blog) Shruti Iyer shares In this blog post, introducing API curation as an alpha feature with the latest release of the API auto registration package in Tanzu Application Platform 1.7. Refer to this documentation for more details. 

Spring Updates
Spring Health Assessment Tool 
Unlock insights into your Spring app’s health - Try the free Spring Application Health Assessment Report today, and engage with our sales team to learn how Tanzu Spring Runtime or the Spring Consulting team can help.  Get Started now !!!!! 

Spring to Security: Get Insights with New Spring Health Assessment  - (Blog) Michelle Sebek shares insights on Spring Health Assessment Reporting Tool, is an easy-to-use, free tool designed to empower organizations by providing insights into their Spring applications
Azure Spring Apps Enterprise
Azure Spring Apps Enterprise: Unlock Substantial Savings with the New Azure Savings Plan for Compute  - (Blog) Michelle Sebek We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement designed to provide unparalleled value to Azure Spring Apps Enterprise users.

Tanzu Intelligence Services
Product Home for Tanzu Intelligence Services - Explore updates on Tanzu Cloud Health, Tanzu Insights and Tanzu Guardrails and related resources.

Upcoming Events and Webinars sorted in Date order below for your convenience with relevant links and information for you to not miss these key happenings.

Tanzu Application Catalog
Jan 18 - Tanzu Application Catalog: Mitigating Open Source Software Supply Chain Risks - Join this webinar to learn how you can use VMware Application Catalog and its usage of open source software ,security and improved compliance posture. 

Tanzu Data Services 
Tanzu GemFire
Jan 25 - Accelerating Innovation: Mastering Tanzu GemFire Vector Database - introducing the fundamentals of GemFire, laying the groundwork for understanding its seamless integration with VectorDB. Our experts will guide you through the core principles of in-memory computing and how GemFire VectorDB enhances these with its unique features.

Tanzu What's New Series - Landing page  - Weekly Tanzu digest on Tanzu product Releases, KB Articles, Success Stories, Updates, Blogs, Videos & More. Did you know RSS feed is now available? 

Tanzu Customer Newsletters - Monthly Product Feature Updates, Demos, Office Hours, Tips, Announcements. Check out the previous versions of Newsletters for TAS , TMC , TKGI here. RSS Feed available.

Tanzu Academy - An on-demand, comprehensive learning hub for platform and application operators to become experts at achieving meaningful outcomes with Tanzu products.

Tanzu Fundamentals (Videos)

Tanzu Learning Resources

Tanzu Courses

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