June 28, 2024

Tanzu What’s New - June 28,2024 Edition

VMware Tanzu has announced new product releases and security updates, including Tanzu Data Hub, Postgres for VMware Tanzu Application Service, and Spring Cloud Services. Additionally, a new Platform automation tool kit release is now available. For troubleshooting and guidance, refer to VMware Tanzu Knowledge base articles on TAS containers and TKGI component leaders. Stay up-to-date with the latest Tanzu Platform for Kubernetes video, Tanzu Platform Podcasts, and Tanzu GreenPlum 7.2.0 related content. This week's Cloud Foundry Weekly Series focuses on optimizing logging architecture with Cloud Foundry on Tanzu Platforms. Upcoming webinars include VMware Explore 2024 (August 26-29) and the July Tanzu Platform Webinar.


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VMware Tanzu Product Releases 
In this section, we will add releases information on Tanzu Platform for Cloud Foundry, Tanzu Platform for Kubernetes, Tanzu Data Services, and Tanzu Spring Essentials Products that are part of Tanzu Platform and Standalone solutions along with its release date and release notes. 

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Tanzu Product Downloads  |  KB article on How to Download ProductsTanzu Product Lifecycle (Select Tanzu Division to find Tanzu product releases)

Product Name Version Release Date Related Links
VMware Tanzu Data Solutions
VMware Tanzu Data Hub 
Check Release Notes for more details



Release Notes
VMware Postgres for VMware Tanzu® Application Service™
Check Release Notes for updates
1.1.3 2024-06-20 Release Notes
VMware Tanzu Platform Spring Essentials
Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu 
Check Release Notes for Bug Fix details regarding Config Server.



Release Notes
Other Tanzu Platform Services
VMware Tanzu Platform Automation ToolKit
om has been updated to 7.12.0 to have the Auto-Accept EULA functionality for TanzuNet deprecation.



Release Notes

VMware Tanzu Product Security Updates
Within the release notes there may be security or governance specific updates that are worth highlighting.  The Tanzu Security team reviews each release and summarizes security or governance specific highlights found within the release notes.  

Tanzu Security Team Disclaimer:
The summary below is a review of the above product release notes from a security and governance point of view and may not reflect specific security or governance requirements you may require. It also does not include all details from the release notes. Please review the full release notes for release details. 

VMware Tanzu Data Solutions
VMware Tanzu Data Hub 

●  CP (Control plane) and DP (Data Plane) Coexistence,
●  AWS/S3 based backup/restore

○  Cross dataplane backup and restore is not supported in the 1.1.0 version,

●  RWO (Read Write Once) support for all PVC bindings
●  Support for TLS 1.3 is yet to come

VMware Tanzu Data Solutions
VMware Postgres for VMware Tanzu® Application Service™
●  This release has only one known issue

○  In the Tanzu Operations Manager Installation Dashboard, the operator navigates to the Postgres tile’s configuration page. In the Settings tab, in the Assign AZs and networks section, if the operator changes the subnet names, and then clicks Apply changes; then, this new setting does not have any effect on the re-deployed service instances. The service instances continue to use the old subnet. If the old subnet no longer exists, the re-deployment fails.

●  Postgres now supports S3-compatible backup. The endpoint URL is now used for s3-backup configuration.

●  This release includes the following security fixes: 

○        name: golang-runtime | version: 1.21.3 CVE-2023-45285
○        name: openssl | version: 1.1.1u CVE-2023-4807
○        name: zlib | version: 1.2.13 CVE-2023-45853
○        name: postgresql | version: 15.5 CVE-2024-0985
○        name: mysql | version: 5.7.44 CVE-2019-3822 CVE-2019-5436

VMware Tanzu Platform Spring Essentials
Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu
●  Known Issues

○  Spring Cloud Services v3.2 requires more disk space, make sure the VM has the minimum 12GB disk space

○  Spring Cloud Services v3.2.2 and earlier may leak proxy credentials in Mirror Service VM logs

■   When a proxy is used with a username+password in a git repository URL, where that git repository also uses username:password access in the URL, the proxy username:password credentials are visible at log level INFO in the Mirror Service VM logs.

■   This issue can be resolved by changing the Mirror Service log level to WARN or ERROR. Upgrading to SCS 3.2.3 will remove any username:password combination in a source repository URL

Other Tanzu Platform Services
VMware Tanzu Platform Automation ToolKit
●  om has been updated to 7.12.0 to have the Auto-Accept EULA functionality for TanzuNet deprecation.

Check out the troubleshooting Tips and Resolutions on various Tanzu Products. This section is a great resource for you to bookmark and quickly prevent issues before pushing applications to Production.

VMware Tanzu Platform for Cloud Foundry
VMware Tanzu Application Service (TAS)
Guide to Troubleshooting TAS Container to Credhub Interpolation Errors - In this Knowledge Base article we will be discussing how to troubleshoot TAS application to Credhub communication failures. 

Other Tanzu Platform Services
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI)
Identifying component leaders of TKGI components - There are multiple components in TKGI which operate in a leader/follower mode. In this high availability pattern, the leader is the entry point of requests and is responsible for coordinating tasks with the followers. This KB article will dive into components that fall into this category.

VMware Tanzu Platform for Kubernetes
Introduction to VMware Tanzu Platform for Kubernetes - (Video) - VMware Tanzu Platform helps organizations accelerate delivery of applications by simplifying and integrating the processes and tools used by developers and IT operations. Tanzu Platform offers runtimes for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. 

Going through the Tanzu Platform announcements with Keith Lee - (Podcast) - Keith Lee, Technical Marketing Architect was invited to the Unexplored Territory podcast (podcast by Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping, & Johan van Amersfoort) to speak about Tanzu Platform. 

VMware Tanzu Platform
AI Roles Demystified: A Guide for Infrastructure Admins with Myles Gray - (Podcast) - Myles Gray, Technical Marketing Architect was invited to the Unexplored Territory podcast , discusses the AI workflow and its personas, the responsibilities of data scientists and developers in deploying AI models, the role of infrastructure administrators, and the challenges of deploying models at the edge. 

Cloud Foundry Weeklies Series  -  Subscribe  | RSS Feed
Cloud Foundry Weekly: Deep Dive into Shared-Nothing Logging : Ep 17 - (Video) Cloud Foundry Weekly deep dives into various aspects of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. Join this week's episode as Nicky and Nick will deep dive into the shared-nothing logging architecture with our special guests Carson Long and Matthew Kocher. Learn how you can begin to optimize your overall logging architecture on your Cloud Foundry and Tanzu Platform installs!

VMware Tanzu Data Solutions
VMware Tanzu Greenplum
Announcing VMware Tanzu Greenplum 7.2: Powering Your Business with Enhanced Performance and Advanced Capabilities - (Blog) Arnab Chakraborty, excited to unveil VMware Tanzu Greenplum 7.2, the latest release designed to elevate your data analytics and AI-driven initiatives. 

Greenplum 7.2 Release Announcement and Deep Dive - (Video) Ivan and Venky do a deep dive of Greenplum 7.2 and what is to come next for Greenplum.

Other Tanzu Platform Services
VMware Tanzu CloudHealth
FinOps X Takeaways: FOCUS, AI, and a Powerful Community - (Blog) Lucas Paratore The CloudHealth team was extremely excited to demo the tech preview of our new CloudHealth user experience at our booth. FinOps X was the very first time it was demonstrated live to customers!
Upcoming Events and Webinars sorted in Date order below for your convenience with relevant links and information for you to not miss these key happenings. 

VMware Tanzu 
July 24 - Exploring the State of Cloud Native App Platforms and VMware Tanzu - Join us for this interactive session to learn how Tanzu Platform empowers development teams by allowing them to focus on the four golden commands (build, bind, deploy, and scale) and integrates security enhancing capabilities trusted by security teams.

VMware Explore 2024 AUGUST 26 – 29, 2024
Content Catalog Is Open Register Now!!!
Aug 26 -VMware Explore 2024 - Map your next move at the industry’s essential cloud event. Don’t delay.  FAQ , Agenda, Content Catalog

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Tanzu Academy - An on-demand, comprehensive learning hub for platform and application operators to become experts at achieving meaningful outcomes with Tanzu products. Checkout the Academy account management changes and Broadcom login required information in the Blog section.
Spring Academy - The new Spring Academy Pro FREE is live! Check out the details here
Tanzu Fundamentals (Videos)
Tanzu Documentation 
Tanzu Courses 

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