March 01, 2024

Tanzu What’s New - March 01,2024 Edition

VMware Tanzu Application Platform(TAP) 1.8.0 available now , fresh blog on TAP 1.8 - Code in confidence with SLSA Level 3 and Secure Builds, Knowledge Articles on RMQ on TAS tile behavior, TKG  and TKGI articles with resolution details, Unlocking the Power of Greenplum, Spring Ahead with an impressive NPS Score, White Paper on Spring Boot 3. Don’t Miss great lineup of Webinars on GemFire ,Spring and PostgreSQL. Product Customer Newsletter for TKGI and TMC Feb 2024 Editions are updated now on Tanzu Techzone.



“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee

Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week with release notes and relevant links for more information. 

Product Name Version Release Date Related Links
VMware Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
Release Notes has Resolved issues, Breaking Changes, Component version details. Check the latest blog on this as well.
1.8.0 2024-02-29

Release Notes

Breaking Changes

Resolved issues

Component Versions

Check out the troubleshooting Tips and Resolutions on various Tanzu Products. This section is a great resource for you to bookmark and quickly prevent issues before pushing applications to Production.

Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS)
RabbitMQ Server IP address changes following update to the Service Instance. - This Knowledge Base (KB) article details a behavior in RabbitMQ for Tanzu Application Service tile starting from version 1.20.

"App not Found" error when app already exists - Some users have observed the following issue in their deployment pipeline: when running the command 'cf app <app_name>', it works correctly. However, immediately after running the command 'cf app --guid', it returns an error saying, 'App not found'.  Check the article for details.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)
Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster Upgrade Stuck - EtcdMemberHealthy condition is unknown (96695) - Upgrading a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster via TMC, Tanzu CLI, or yaml edit results in no new control plane nodes. Check the article for cause and resolution details.

kubectl commands are slow to complete in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.2.1 (83420) - The issue happens if the TKG node VMs are placed on NSX-T-backed virtual networks and the CNI configured is Antrea, which creates a double-Geneve encapsulation. Check the article for details.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGI)
Workaround instructions to address CVE-2022-22965 in TKGI (88102) - CVE-2022-22965 has been determined to impact TKGI via the UAA component it ships.   Check the article for updates.

VMware Tanzu Application Catalog (TAC)
SPDX Software Bill of Materials in Tanzu Application Catalog - (Video) Bala Bharathy Learn how you can gain deep visibility into your open-source software supply chain with the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) standard software bill of materials (SBoM) from Tanzu Application Catalog in this video.

Vmware Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
New in Tanzu Application Platform 1.8: Code in confidence with SLSA Level 3 and Secure Builds - (Blog) Lloyd Woodroffe and Ryan Baker TAP 1.8, available today, continues its mission to boost your security posture with minimal toil while increasing developer and platform engineering team productivity.

Vmware Tanzu Data Solutions
VMware Tanzu GreenPlum
Unlocking the Power of Greenplum: A Journey Through Time and Innovation - (Blog) Arnab Chakraborty In this blog we take you through how the product has evolved over the years, the strong updates that have been released recently, and the promising pipeline of updates, poised to harness the latest in AI/ML, real-time analytics, and fortified security protocols in the future. 

Spring Updates
Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Spring Boot 3 AOT - (White Paper) This white paper takes a look at the details of the brand-new ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation engine in Spring Boot 3 

Beyond the Numbers: Why Spring's High NPS Scores Should Be on Your Radar  - (Blog) Michelle Sebek In the dynamic and competitive software development landscape, Spring's Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of 75 stands out among its peers.

Upcoming Events and Webinars sorted in Date order below for your convenience with relevant links and information for you to not miss these key happenings.

Tanzu Data Solutions
VMware Tanzu GemFire
March 12 - Accelerate Innovation with Tanzu GemFire Vector Database - Our experts will guide you through the core principles of in-memory computing and how GemFire VectorDB enhances these with its unique features. 

VMware Tanzu PostgreSQL 
March 14 - Empowering PostgreSQL in the Enterprise with Tanzu by Broadcom - Join us for a webinar that reviews the robust capabilities of Tanzu by Broadcom's PostgreSQL distribution, tailored specifically for the enterprise environment. 

Spring Webinar
March 14- Build Better and Secure Enterprise Spring Apps on any Cloud, any Kubernetes - In this session we’ll explore how application aware platforms accelerate development across clouds, regardless of where you are in your platform journey.

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Tanzu Academy - An on-demand, comprehensive learning hub for platform and application operators to become experts at achieving meaningful outcomes with Tanzu products. 
Spring Academy - Begin or advance your mastery of Spring with hands-on courses created by experts.

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Tanzu Learning Resources
Tanzu Courses
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