March 10, 2023

Tanzu What’s New - March 10, 2023 Edition

Checkout the New look of Tanzu Update Blog !! - Tanzu Product releases for this week , Knowledge Base articles with troubleshooting tips and How to guides, Blogs and Videos  with various TKG features, TMC and TAP Demo presentations, TSM brand new Tanzu TechZone landing page , Webinars and Events Tanzu Tech Podcasts,  Spring Updates, Golden Path to SpringOne session Lineups , TMC webinar, General Tanzu and Developer friendly webinars, VMware Explore India conference info for this week and heads up on VMware Explore 2023 in LasVegas Save the Date details .

 “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” - Zig Ziglar      Read Previous Tanzu Updates   

Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week and release notes for more details.

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Release Date

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VMware Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
Check Release notes for Security Fixes, Known Issues and Deprecation details



Release Notes
Release Notes

VMware SQL with MySQL for Kubernetes (MySQL for K8s)
Release 1.7.0 changes the product name from VMware Tanzu SQL with MySQL for Kubernetes to VMware SQL with MySQL for Kubernetes.  Check Release Notes for details



Release Notes
Supported Platforms
Resolved Issues
Known Issues

VMware Data Solutions (formerly Tanzu Data Services)
VMware GemFire for Kubernetes
Check Release Notes for resolved issues details



Release Notes

Other Releases
Application Service Adapter for TAP
Check Release notes for Resolved Issues, Component versions and Known Issue details



Release Notes

API portal for VMware Tanzu
Check Release Notes for resolved issues details



Release Notes

Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes
Check Release Notes for resolved security issues and details



Release Notes
Release Notes


VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS)

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

Tanzu Service Mesh (TSM) - New Tanzu Tech Zone landing page for TSM available!!!
Arslan Abbasi is excited to announce that Tanzu Tech Zone now has the dedicated product page for Tanzu Service Mesh where you can see Latest and Featured contents and updates on TSM.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)
Overview of TKG 2.1 Node Anti-Affinity feature - Dani Barkelew,  walks through this new feature  Node Anti-Affinity Introduced/Released in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.1 and 1.6.1 with all the details in this blog.

Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
Backstage and the Tanzu Application Platform: Part 4 - Tanzu Application Platform Software Catalog - Visibility of Runtime Resources(Video) Andrei Z describes in this video on Tanzu Application Platform Software Catalog - Visibility of Runtime Resources, we describe how the Kubernetes runtime resources are visualized through the Runtime Resource Visibility plugin. Previous parts in last week's Tanzu update - March 3.

Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)

VMware Tanzu
Understanding the Path to Production (Video) - In this VMware Tanzu Fundamentals video, we walk you through what a software path to production is, some common hurdles developers might encounter along the way, and how VMware Tanzu can help.

Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)

Mar 23 - Terraform, GitOps, Helm: Seamless Automation and Package Management with Tanzu Mission Control - Learn how VMware Tanzu Mission Control supports platform teams with infrastructure automation and package management with support for Terraform, GitOps, and Helm.

Spring Updates
This Month in Spring - March 2023 - Josh L, blogs to update all Spring happenings and Check out Josh’s Youtube channel - Josh talking about PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Java, Kotlin, Spring and more

Tanzu Talk PodCast
Your Three Friends, Edward Grigson, Ben Wilcock and  Michael Cote do a regular developer focused podcast on current industry topics. This week they covered Cloud Repatriation and Low CI/CD Usage. Do Subscribe to not miss their enriching topic discussions.

VMware Tanzu
Mar 16 - Unlocking the Full Potential of Cloud Native Technology w/ Education & Training - VMware Tanzu Learning experts will explore the importance of education and training programs for organizations adopting cloud-native technologies.

General -  Product Developers and Platform Engineering
Mar 14 - Product Centricity & Platform Engineering: Why it Matters and How to Get Started - Product-style practices are strong predictors of success, resulting in up to 2.8X more growth

Golden Path to SpringOne Join in Application Developers !!!
Lineup of Speakers from VMware and beyond, cover everything from Spring, programming tools, platforms, and tech stacks to the people, processes, culture changes, and real-world stories that will empower today’s developers to do more. New shows air every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm ET until we see you at SpringOne at VMware Explore in August 2023.

VMware Explore India is here! Register now!  - Apr 11- 12th  Agenda
Don't want to miss out on insightful tech sessions by experts, exhilarating activities, and hands-on learning experiences, save the date and register now! Watch the video for more!

VMware Explore 2023 on its way to Save the Date! - Las Vegas - Aug 21-24
Save the date, will keep you posted on agenda and sessions.  Stay tuned!!!

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