May 19, 2023

Tanzu What’s New - May 19, 2023 Edition

This week brings in the most awaited TKG 2.2.0 release update with support for Kubernetes 1.25.7 and TKGI 1.16.1 and TAS Releases, TMC May 16th Patch release  brings in Tanzu CLI interface update and few other notable release updates.  KB articles with Troubleshooting tips, Workarounds and Resolutions, Interesting Tech Blog Recommendations , Fiserv Customer Success Story,  Design User Research Program needs your signups - Research session topics included for your convenience, Tanzu Products are now easily available from Tanzu TechZone Start Menu, Exciting Blogs and Videos, Upcoming Webinar and Events with Dates and relevant resources included, Book mark worthy Resource links to make you all Tanzu Experts. 


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“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” - Helen Keller

Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week and release notes for more details.

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VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)
Support for Kubernetes v1.25.7, 1.24.11, and 1.23.17. See Release notes and other related links for more information.



Release Notes
What's New in 2.2
Product Snapshot
Future Behavior Change Notice

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI)
Check Release Notes for Product Snapshots, Features and Enhancements for Resolved issues and details



Release Notes
Product Snapshot
Features and Enhancements

VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS)
Check Release notes for Features, Security Fix, Breaking Changes  and Bumped Component version details



Release Notes
Release Notes
Release Notes

VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs [Windows] (TASW)
Check Release notes for Features, Security Fix, Breaking Changes  and Bumped Component version details



Release Notes
Release Notes
Release Notes

SaaS Product Release Updates
Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)
Check Release notes for May 16th feature - The command line interface for Tanzu Mission Control is merging into the Tanzu CLI. You now need only one copy of the tanzu CLI and can download the plug-ins for Tanzu Mission Control

Patch Release


May 16th Update

May 16th Update

VMware Data Solutions
VMware RabbitMQ® for Tanzu® Application Service™ (RMQ for TAS)
Resolves Security Vulnerability issues and Upgrade Issues



Release Notes
Release Notes

VMware Greenplum®
Resolves Query processing and Server Issues. Check Release Notes for details



Release Notes

Other Releases
Isolation Segment
Check Release notes for Features, Security Fix, Breaking Changes and Bumped Component version details



Release Notes
Release Notes
Release Notes

Spring Cloud Gateway for VMware Tanzu (SCGW)
Resolves Security Vulnerability issues, 2.0 includes enhancements. Check Release Notes for details.



Release Notes
Release Notes

Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes
Improvements, Fixes, Security vulnerabilities addressed. Refer Release Notes



Release Notes

VMware Harbor Registry
Fixes and bumped component version information in Release Notes



Release Notes


VMware Tanzu Operations Manager (OpsMan)
Incorrect golang package path in compile.env causes few errands to fail - When a release is uploaded, the BOSH Director attempts to match those packages in the release to "similar" packages that have been previously uploaded. It does this currently by solely looking at the package fingerprint. This KB article gives you more information on the issue and resolution

Apply changes fails due to cpi error: No space left on device - VM creation during upgrade or deployments fails with vSphere CPI error: Check KB article for details and fix information.

Unable to Upload Jammy Stemcells in OpsMan Versions Prior to 2.10.33 - Core issue is that OpsMan versions prior to 2.10.33 do not support the use of Jammy stemcells. 

Starting authentication gets hung when enabling LDAP authentication for OpsManager 3.0.x - Users may find starting authentication system get stuck in the following scenarios when logging into Ops Manager web console for version 3.0.x.

VMware Tanzu Application Services for VM (TAS)
Garden and garden-healthchecker jobs fail to start up in time when updating Diego Cells - On garden-runc v1.22.6 through v1.28.0, garden restarts with a high container count could result in BOSH deploys failing due to a race condition between garden, bpm, monit, and garden-healthchecker. 

routing-release 0.262.0 prunes all routes to an application, resulting in 503 errors - This is caused by a change introduced in routing-release 0.262.0 to enable Gorouter to retry more types of idempotent requests to failed backends. Check KB article for more details on resolution.

VMware SQL with MySQL for Tanzu Application Service
MySQL for TAS - ERROR 1227 (42000): Access denied - This KB article addresses the issue of running into a "1227 (42000): Access Denied" error when trying to run commands on a MySQL service instance from a Jumpbox (or Ops Man VM). 

VMware vSphere 7.0 with Tanzu
containerd failing with error messages "Failed to run CRI service" and "failed to recover state" (92231) - There is corrupt data in the containerd directory, and this is preventing the CRS service from starting Check the KB article for workaround and scenarios information.

Tanzu Designer Research Program We love your participation!! Sign up Now!!
Are you an application developer, Kubernetes platform engineer, platform owner, or application owner? If so, we want your input to shape and enhance the user experience of VMware Tanzu, a suite of products and services that empower developers to create exceptional modern applications. Sign up for our informative newsletter for an opportunity to participate directly in the VMware Tanzu Design team's user research. 

Checkout the latest Blog Help Improve the VMware Tanzu Experience: Join Our User Research Program! 
You can sign up for Research Sessions such as the following topics.

  • Is Data Protection in TMC Enterprise Ready? - Data Protection is a very important capability within TMC (Tanzu Mission Control). As we try to enhance it for enterprise readiness, we would like to validate the UX workflows to make sure our users find it easy to use the upgraded capabilities.
  • Help Us Design the Ultimate Experience for Identity & Access Management in Tanzu Mission Control - We’d like to enroll your help to understand and learn how users are currently using IAM features in Tanzu mission control , what challenges they are facing, what improvements they’d like to see. We’ll use these feedbacks to design improved experiences for IAM.
  • Help us validate and improve the Tanzu Core CLI Experience! - Are you passionate about streamlining command-line interfaces and ensuring a seamless user experience? We are seeking your input and expert insights to validate the Tanzu CLI Core experience.

Tanzu Tech Zone - Easy Access Menu for Tanzu Products under Start available now!!
Do you know where to find Tanzu Product pages in Tanzu Tech Zone?

Under Tanzu Tech Zone, there are various resources which host enriching content for various Tanzu Products.  You can find then under the Start Menu -- > Tanzu Products or Tanzu Products section in this page


Fiserv Transforms Developer Studio Delivery with VMware Tanzu
A leader in payments and technology solutions for merchants and financial services institutions, Fiserv turned to VMware, a leader in addressing multi-cloud challenges. By running a POC with VMware Tanzu Application Platform, Fiserv has kept its Developer Studio solution as a powerful customer resource and remained cloud agnostic. Check this Video , where Ganesh Venkatraman, CTO Digital transformation at Fiserv shares the success story. He says, TAP is secure, scalable and workloads can be deployed across different clouds quickly is huge.

Little Stuff
About Little  Chris Little, has been with Emerging Products Group as a support lead over VMware Cloud Foundation and Tanzu suite of products. We have featured Chris’s blog earlier weekly updates as well.  Last week also we featured blog on Creating Tanzu Kubernetes cluster in vSphere 8 with Tanzu. Check out this week’s Tanzu topic blog.

Installing Packages to a TKGS cluster in vSphere 8 with Tanzu - Packages provide extra functionality to the TKGS cluster. There are many kinds of packages that can be installed for different purposes. Chris walks through installing most of them in this blog in detail. - All things cloud-native
Viktor van den Berg, Senior Solution Engineer Application Platforms Tanzu at VMware. We have featured this blog already in our earlier updates. Check the latest blog on TAP. 

Update to my TAP installation scripts: TAP 1.5 supported + TLS + Scanning + Testing  - Viktor maintaining a set of scripts to deploy Tanzu Application Platform to (test) environment. With the recent release of TAP 1.5, it’s time again to update and re-evaluate scripts. Check this blog on detailed steps.

Tanzu Kubernetes Operations (TKO)
Boost App Resiliency and Performance with Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail - (Blog) This post delves into some of the problems of cloud native architecture, as well as how Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail helps overcome these obstacles.  Reference Architecture 

Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations GSLB - (Video) Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations includes NSX Advanced Load Balancer with a feature that provides DNS namespace for applications. Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) is balancing application load across multiple instances of the application regardless of their location. 

VMware Tanzu Service Mesh (TSM)
Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations TSM - (Video) VMware Tanzu Service Mesh is an enterprise-class service mesh solution that provides reliable control and security for microservices, end users, API and data  across multi-cloud environments. 

Kubernetes / General Application Modernization
Tools Make the Difference for Kubernetes Success (Blog) Michael Cote dives into various types of tools and its values.

VMware Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
May 23 - What’s New with VMware Tanzu Application Platform - Miles Gray will lead this interactive webinar, will dive into the exciting new features of VMware Tanzu Application Platform that help elevate your developer and platform engineering capabilities to the next level.  May 25 EMEA session

Golden Path to SpringOne Join in Application Developers !!!
Lineup of Speakers from VMware and beyond, cover everything from Spring, programming tools, platforms, and tech stacks to the people, processes, culture changes, and real-world stories that will empower today’s developers to do more. New shows air every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm ET until we see you at SpringOne at VMware Explore in August 2023. 

May 25 - Auto-Remediating Code at Scale with Lossless Semantic Tree and Generative AI - In this talk, we’ll address the need for automation—both rules-based and AI-driven—to remediate the unwieldy, assembled codebase.

May 25 - Why Spring Belongs in Your Data Stream (from Edge to Multi-Cloud) - This talk will show how to incorporate it in streaming applications as part of a FLiP-Spring application. Pulsar, Flink, Spark, NiFi, and Spring work together very well to build fast, safe streaming applications to deploy in bare metal, VMs, containers, pods, VMware Tanzu, or any cloud.

VMware Explore 2023  Early bird Registration Open now!! !! - Las Vegas - Aug 21-24 - The center of the multi-cloud universe!!
At VMware Explore 2023 - In Las Vegas The Venetian, you, best-in-field experts and your peers get the tools, solutions and support you’re looking for to tame the complexity of multi-cloud. So you can standardize cloud migrations, operations, infrastructure and security across clouds and focus on creating the business value you envision. Use an enterprise-wide solution for a faster and more secure path to production. And deliver rich end-user experiences for workers in the field and offices. A vast partner ecosystem is ready to help you map your next move. So what could you do with a better, smarter approach to cloud?

Join us at VMware Explore 2023 in Las Vegas , Barcelona VMware Explore 2023 Details | SpringOne@Explore | Spring One@Explore FAQ | Related VMware Explore Blog

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