May 24, 2024

Tanzu What’s New - May 24,2024 Edition

We're thrilled to unveil the VMware Tanzu Platform! Dive into our latest blog for all the exciting details. Explore our new page dedicated to Tanzu Security topics and whitepapers. Stay informed with our product releases featuring both Tanzu Platform and standalone solutions. Discover why Tanzu Data Services is the top choice for developers! Tune into the Cloud Foundry Weekly series with the Nicks for engaging and insightful conversations. Spring is buzzing with updates! Mark your calendars for VMware Explore 2024 in Las Vegas and the Spring I/O Developer Conference in Barcelona. Join us and stay at the forefront of the cloud and app development world!


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VMware Tanzu Platform
Introducing VMware Tanzu Platform 

Golden Commands Build Bind Deploy and Scale and Power of 4R’s (Replicate, Repave, Repair and Rotate) - Four simple commands and abstractions make it easy for app teams to do the right thing: secure by-default builds, easy binding, a single command push to production, and scaling with zero downtime.

Introducing VMware Tanzu Platform - Today we are excited to officially announce that Tanzu Platform is now available! Tanzu Platform delivers on the speed and simplicity that developers expect of cloud-based managed services, but with the governance and cost efficiency that enterprises need for their most critical applications.

In April, VMware Tanzu GM Purnima shared Vision and Strategy for Tanzu Division for VMware Tanzu Platform, the evolution of the Tanzu portfolio. Revisit April Article VMware Tanzu Simplifies Accelerated App Delivery.

VMware Tanzu Platform provides everything that you need to build application development environments, develop applications, and push those applications to production quickly, consistently, scalably, and securely.

VMware Tanzu Platform Documentation         VMware Tanzu Platform Product Page 

VMware Tanzu Product Releases
In this section, We will add releases information on Tanzu Platform for Cloud Foundry, Tanzu Platform for Kubernetes, Tanzu Data Services, Tanzu Spring Essentials, Products that are part of Tanzu Platform and Standalone solutions along with its release date and release notes. 

Product Name Version Release Date Related Links
Tanzu Platform for Cloud Foundry
VMware Tanzu GemFire for Tanzu Application Service
Runs VMware Tanzu GemFire 10.1.1 and check Release Notes for details
Release Notes
New Features
Product Snapshot
VMware Tanzu Operations Manager
Features and Bug fixes included in this release. Check Release Notes for details



Release Notes
VMware SQL with MySQL for Tanzu Application Service
Check Release Notes for changes and compatibility details



Release Notes
Tanzu Platform for Kubernetes
VMware Tanzu Application Platform
Various features, breaking changes, security fixes and resolved issues details in Release Notes

2024-05-21 Release Notes
New Features
Breaking Changes

VMware Tanzu Security Updates 
New page to read all about Tanzu Security updates and resources -You can find blogs, white papers and upcoming webinars on security topics in one place. Watch this space for security-enhancing capabilities of our platform and services!  Also check VMware Tanzu Compliance Documentation.

Cloud Foundry Weeklies Series  -  Subscribe  | RSS Feed
Cloud Foundry Weekly: Recap CF Day NYC: Episode 12 - (Video) Cloud Foundry Weekly deep dives into various aspects of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. Join Nick and Nicky as they interview special guests from the community and deep dive into AI Updates and Boosts Developers and Platform into special features within the VMware Tanzu and Cloud Foundry ecosystem. Join Nicky and Nick as they recap their experiences at Cloud Foundry Day NYC 2024! 

VMware Tanzu Data Services
VMware Tanzu Data Services: The Top Choice for App Developers using On-Demand Data Services for Modern Apps - (Blog) Prem Victor Tanzu Data Services leveraged through Tanzu Platform for Cloud Foundry includes Postgres and MySQL for relational databases, RabbitMQ for messaging and streaming, and Redis for caching. Tanzu Data Services also offers Gemfire, an advanced real time in memory grid technology.  Tanzu GreenPlum and Tanzu Gemfire available as standalone solutions. Read more on Tanzu Data Services here.

Spring Updates
All Spring Update Blogs - (Blog) These blogs help get our Spring Users onto the Tanzu Platform -- as Tanzu Platform includes Tanzu Spring and that is needed for the modernization of their Apps and Upgrades. Various updates such as  Spring Boot 3.2.6 Available Now , What's New in Spring Framework 6.x , Spring Modulith and 1.0.8 , Spring Security 6.3.0 goes GA and many more such updates. 

VMware Tanzu CloudHealth
What's New in Rightsizing in VMware Tanzu CloudHealth - (Blog) T J March This calendar year, Tanzu CloudHealth has shared several substantial improvements and enhancements to our workload optimization capabilities to help customers reduce waste or eliminate unused resources.

Upcoming Events and Webinars sorted in Date order below for your convenience with relevant links and information for you to not miss these key happenings.

VMware Explore 2024 AUGUST 26 – 29, 2024
Early Bird Registration for Las Vegas is now open! Register Now!!!
Aug 26 -VMware Explore 2024 - Map your next move at the industry’s essential cloud event. Don’t delay. Early-bird pricing ends June 11FAQ , Agenda

Coming Up Next  Spring I/O Developer Conference in Barcelona!!! May 30,2024 - Join the Spring community from around the world. There is no better place to share, discuss, collaborate, and socialize with other Spring professionals and enthusiasts. Check the sessions and workshop details.

Tanzu What's New Series - Weekly Tanzu digest on Tanzu product Releases, KB Articles, Success Stories, Updates, Blogs, Videos & More. RSS feed is also available. You can also Subscribe for this weekly update on the official VMWare Tanzu Linked In Newsletter Now!!!! 

Tanzu Customer Newsletters - Monthly Product Feature Updates, Demos, Office Hours, Tips, Announcements. 

Tanzu Academy - An on-demand, comprehensive learning hub for platform and application operators to become experts at achieving meaningful outcomes with Tanzu products. Checkout the Academy account management changes and Broadcom login required information in the Blog section.

Spring Academy - The new Spring Academy Pro FREE is live! Check out the details here

Tanzu Fundamentals (Videos)
Tanzu Learning Resources
Tanzu Courses 

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