May 05, 2023

Tanzu What’s New - May 5 , 2023 Edition

Are you trying to catchup all Tanzu updates in multiple places?  We got you. One Place to go!!!  You are in the right place.  Just read this one blog to know all Tanzu product release updates, knowledge articles, Blogs, Videos and Webinar events and Resources for you to bookmark.  There are Exciting Opsman, TMC and Greenplum release updates, Various How to Guides and Known issue KB articles with resolutions, Resourceful Video series on vSphere 8 with Tanzu, Know about RabbitMQ under 3 Minutes Video,  TKGI 1.16 what's new with it rich slide decks, Tanzu Talk Podcast, VMWare Explore  2023 Registration details 

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“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” — Babe Ruth

Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week and release notes for more details. 

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VMware Tanzu Operations Manager (OpsMan)
Check Release Notes for Features, bug fix details



Release Notes


SaaS Product Release Updates
Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)
Check Release Notes for more details
- Added cluster group support for installing Helm charts
- Restricted support for installation of packages on non-TKG clusters

Patch Release


May Updates

May 3 Updates


VMware Data Solutions
VMware Greenplum®
Check Release Notes for Changed features and resolved Issues



Release Notes


vSphere with Tanzu

VMware Tanzu Application Services for VMs (TAS)

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

Redis with VMware Tanzu

  • How to Find Org/Space for a Specific Service Instance - Users may run into issues with stale service instances or discrepancies between the CCDB service instance and Bosh deployments. This will cause recreate-all-service-instances and upgrade-all-service instances errands to fail.

Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu (SCS)

VMware RabbitMQ for Tanzu Application Services

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Integrated Edition (TKGI)
What’s New Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.16 - (Slide Deck) Dani B  has included this informative slide deck on TKGI. Discover the latest upgrades, enhancements, and deprecations, including Ops Manager versions 2.10 and 3.0, Jammy Stemcell, snapshots with the vSphere CSI driver, and network profile improvements.

Get More Flexible Kubernetes Security with Policy Improvements in VMware Tanzu Mission Control - (Blog) Pablo S,Carol P,Corey D ‘s blog describes additional policy improvements in Tanzu Mission Control designed to enhance Kubernetes security.

VMware RabbitMQ (RMQ)
What Is VMware RabbitMQ - (Video) This video explains VMware RabbitMQ in under 3 minutes. With VMware RabbitMQ you get all the messaging and streaming capabilities of RabbitMQ in an enterprise-grade supported distribution. To know more click here

Multi-Cloud, Still an Actual Thing after All These Years - (Blog) Michael Cote dives into Multi Cloud concept, The concept of going multi-cloud is less contentious than it used to be, now that more and more non-tech enterprises are using lots of public clouds.

CTOs’ Guide to Containers and Kubernetes - Answering the Top 10 FAQs (Analysis Report) Containers and Kubernetes have emerged as prominent platform technologies for building cloud-native apps and modernizing legacy workloads.

vSphere 8 with Tanzu
Supervisor Series (Video)

Supervisor Series: Ep3. Deploying a 3-Tier Application with VM Service and TKG - In this episode, we’ll show you how you can deploy a 3-Tier application with VM Service and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on a Supervisor Cluster.
Supervisor Series: Ep2. Deploying Contour and Harbor as Supervisor Services - In this episode, we will deploy Contour - a L7 Ingress controller, and Harbor – an OCI Image registry, which we will use to store our application images.
Supervisor Series: Ep1. Supervisor Enablement in vSphere 8 - In this first episode we’ll quickly show you how to enable Workload Management to transform your vSphere cluster into a Supervisor cluster.

Tanzu Talk Podcast
Your Three Friends , Edward Grigson, Ben Wilcock and  Michael Cote do a regular developer focused podcast on current industry topics. This week The Smells of the Kubernetes Community in which these three friends discuss what they did at KubeCon, the recent VMware State of Kubernetes 2023 survey, and the smells of platform engineering maturity. KubeCon overview, Kubenetes survey Video Recording.

Golden Path to SpringOne Join in Application Developers !!!
Lineup of Speakers from VMware and beyond, cover everything from Spring, programming tools, platforms, and tech stacks to the people, processes, culture changes, and real-world stories that will empower today’s developers to do more. New shows air every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm ET until we see you at SpringOne at VMware Explore in August 2023.

May 9 - Five Simple Rules about Problems - In this talk, you’ll hear stories of work that didn’t need to be done, and learn five rules that would’ve helped.
May 11 - How to Escape the Legacy Trap: A Proven Strategy for Application Modernization - This talk will cover the business-driven methodology that many organizations have used to escape the legacy trap, based on actual customer stories and years of experience from our team.

VMware VExpert - Do not miss this opportunity!!  Apply Now 
vExpert 2023 Sub-Program Award Announcement & The vExpert Second Half Application Period - If you are interested in becoming part of this unique opportunity, you must first become a vExpert and then apply for the sub-program(s). The application submission period for the 2023 second half vExpert program will start on June 15th and end on June 29th. The voting period will start June 30th and second half awards will be announced on July 19th. check out the vExpert Directory which provides profiles of each vExpert in each program.

VMware Explore 2023 on its way to Register Now !! - Las Vegas - Aug 21-24
VMware Explore | See you in Las Vegas - It’s 2023 and VMware Explore is coming to Las Vegas. Join us at the center of the multi-cloud universe, August 21-24,2023 at The Venetian Convention and Expo Center. Other Explore 2023 Location and Schedules | SpringOne@Explore | Spring One@Explore FAQ | Related VMware Explore Blog


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