November 17, 2023

Tanzu What’s New - Nov 17, 2023 Edition

Discover exciting updates, releases, and resolutions this week with TAP, TMC,TKGI and OpsMan. Stay updated on security fixes and new features. Increase your knowledge bank with valuable tips and solutions from our latest articles. Get an in-depth look at Security Policies and access management with our informative videos and blogs from Tanzu Mission Control. GreenPlum 7 has launched with improved developer experience, and we have specialized videos on this topic. Dive into the latest updates from Nov 2023 Spring and catch up on all the action from VMware Explorer in Barcelona with our video library. Don't forget to register for the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas!

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"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein

Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week with release notes and relevant links for more information. 

Product Name Version Release Date Related Links
VMware Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
Check the release notes for security fix details.





Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes

VMware Tanzu Operations Manager (OpsMan)
Check the release notes to find fix and feature details. This release includes new versions of BOSH DNS, System Metrics, which will cause all VMs to redeploy.




Release Notes

Release Notes

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI)
Check Release Notes on component bump fixes and details.
1.17.2 2023-11-16

Release Notes

Product Snapshot

Resolved Issues

SaaS Product Release Updates
Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)

  Added support for data protection for cluster groups.

Patch Release

November Updates Nov 15th Update
VMware Data Solutions
VMware Greenplum®
Check Release Notes for New and Changed Feature details.





Release Notes
Other Releases
Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes
Release Notes for Fixes and Improvements.
2.1.5 2023-11-14 Release Notes

Check out the troubleshooting Tips and Resolutions on various Tanzu Products. This section is a great resource for you to bookmark and quickly prevent issues before pushing applications to Production.

VMware Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
Deployment of the Python application fails because the installation of pip is getting stuck in air-gapped environments on TAP v1.6.  - The fix is in tanzu-python buildpack v2.4.0 which is released as part of TAP 1.7.  

VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS)

When deploying apps with Docker images under the 'Routinely clean up Diego Cell disk space' configuration option, the ephemeral disk space continues to increase until it is full  - If you are using ‘Routinely clean up Diego Cell disk space’ option and primarily running both Docker images and buildpack-based apps. you might notice that the ephemeral disk space continues to increase until it is full.

Task container creation failure on TAS with NSX-T - In the event that the creation of a task container encounters a failure on Tanzu Application Service with NSX-NCP as a Container Network Interface (CNI), the retry mechanism may encounter an issue preventing the creation of the task container. 

NATS VM high memory - This Knowledge Base (KB) article details a known memory leak in nats version 2 (v2) service running on the "nats" instance group in Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS).

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)
TKG VMs Not Provisioned in vSphere - status.ready not found vSphereVM (94457) - This issue can be caused by random network disconnects or temporarily unavailability of vCenter to the TKG Management cluster. This is a known issue with upstream Cluster API Provider vSphere.

VMware Tanzu Application Catalog - New Tanzu TechZone blog!!!
What's new with Tanzu Application Catalog - Nov 2023 - Latest and greatest updates on Application Catalog from name change to what are the new additions to Catalog, White Paper in Security measures.

This Month in Spring - November 2023 - (Blog) Josh L NINE MORE DAYS until Spring Boot 3.2 drops
Introducing Cloud Savings with Azure Spring Apps Enterprise - (Blog) Michelle S See some of the ways Azure Spring Apps Enterprise is improving and being made more cost efficient.
Spring Data in 2023 - (Video) Greg T Watch this video to discover which data module is best for you and how to maximize your access. Because in today’s world, when it comes to data access, Spring Data is there for you.

VMware Data Solutions
VMware Tanzu GreenPlum
VMware Tanzu Greenplum 7: Launch Overview - (Video) It is now official! VMware Tanzu Greenplum 7 was released on October 28, with a load of new and enhanced features. Check out this video to see how VMware Tanzu Greenplum 7 is the unified platform for everything from business intelligence to artificial intelligence.

VMware Tanzu Greenplum 7: Better Security - (Video) Introduce new features like row-level security and improved features like PGAudit that further enhance the security of the product.

VMware Tanzu Greenplum 7: Better for Developers - (Video) Check out this video to find out how VMware Tanzu Greenplum 7 makes the life of a developer much better with things like automated migration from Oracle-like databases, easier merge of data sets with UPSERT, and much more!

Tanzu Mission Control  (TMC)
Overview of Security Policies in VMware Tanzu Mission Control  - (Video) Corey D Security is repeatedly a concern for customers when we survey them annually, but a do-it-yourself approach is very daunting. Tanzu Mission Control offers out-of-the-box security policies to help platform teams save time and streamline operations.

A Look at Mutation Policies in VMware Tanzu Mission Control - (Video) Corey D Mutation policies support platform teams with that assurance, and mutation labels can also be used based on location, specific data center, even row and rack information, etc. 

A Look at the Policy Assignments View in VMware Tanzu Mission Control - (Video) Corey D Tanzu Mission Control offers pre-defined templates for strict and baseline security.

A Look at Access Management in VMware Tanzu Mission Control - (Video) Corey D Tanzu Mission Control offers a hierarchy of groups of clusters and groups of namespaces. When you go down a level, you can see how you want to apply policies that are cascading within those groupings.

VMware Explore 2023 Barcelona - Recordings Replay
VMware Explore 2023  Barcelona - Catch Up on all Recordings and Slides
VMware Explore Video Library  - View unique, on-demand technical sessions and on-site session recordings from VMware Explore.  

VMware Explore 2023 EU - Modern Applications & Cloud Management Sessions Recordings - (Blog) Simone M VMware Explore 2023 has officially concluded! Here are the Modern Applications & Cloud Management VMware Explore US 2023 Breakout sessions. This table is based on the work of William Lam Here.

Upcoming Events and Webinars sorted in Date order below for your convenience with relevant links and information for you to not miss these key happenings. 

General / Kubernetes
AWS re:Invent - Nov 27 – Dec 1, 2023 in Las Vegas
AWS Reinvent Events - Register - AWS re:Invent offers cloud enthusiasts, experts, and practitioners an experience like no other.
Dec 5 - Kubeapps - An Open Source Application Dashboard for Kubernetes from VMware - Kubeapps is an open source project started by VMware's Bitnami team with the objective of simplifying application management in Kubernetes.  Register today and get ready to elevate your Kubernetes experience.

VMware Tanzu
Dec 7 - Accelerating Business Agility with VMware Tanzu: Unifying Application and Operations Platform Control Plane Services - In this upcoming webinar, our guest speaker, Rick Villars, an industry expert from IDC, and Purnima Padmanabhan, GM and SVP at VMware, will address the innovation challenges faced by organizations today. 

VMware Tanzu Application Catalog
Nov 28 - VMware Application Catalog: Mitigating Open Source Software Supply Chain Risks - Join this webinar to learn how you can use VMware Application Catalog, the enterprise edition of Bitnami Application Catalog to Procure open source software, Security and compliance postures 

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