September 30, 2022

Tanzu What's New - Sep 30, 2022 Edition

Tanzu Product Releases

Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week and release notes for more details

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VMware Tanzu Operations Manager (OpsMan)
Check release notes for bug fix, known issues fix and details





Release Notes

Release Notes

Data Services
VMware Tanzu™ RabbitMQ® for Kubernetes
Erlang is now updated to version to include the fix for CVE-2022-37026, check Release notes



Release Notes


VMware Tanzu SQL with MySQL for Kubernetes
Check Release notes for Supported Platform, feature changes, known issues and CVE exists info.



Release Notes

Other Releases
Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes
Improved Vary Header handling and resolved intermittent inconsistencies. Check release notes



Release Notes

Knowledge Base ArticlesVMware vSphere 7.0 with Tanzu (TKGs)

WCP Supervisor Cluster upgrade to 1.21 or 1.22 hung at 50% (89205) - Upgrading the WCP Supervisor Cluster does not proceed past 50% after new SV nodes are built. This impacts Supervisor Cluster upgrades from older versions to 1.21 or 1.22. You can check the workaround in this article.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

How to increase vm.max count to 262144 in the worker nodes to implement ELK. (86434) - Current count for vm.max count is low for implementation of ELK stack on TKGm Workload clusters. The workaround is available in this article.

Tanzu CLI for TKG 1.5 on Windows x509: certificate signed by unknown authority (88404) - Windows Powershell throws a certificate error with Tanzu CLI for TKG 1.5.2. Resolved in Tanzu CLI for TKG 1.5.4. Check workaround and resolution details in this article


Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.x Authentication error using LDAP "You must be logged in to the server (Unauthorized)" is displayed on the commandline" (86404) - Intermittent unavailability of the authentication with error. Resolution and details in this article.

How to change Azure credentials in TKG (86276) - This KB outlines the steps to change the Azure credentials.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGI)

Bosh resurrector not working after deleting a resurrection config (89164) - Resurrection will not kick in after deleting the resurrection config file. A fix is in progress for the upcoming BOSH director version. Check the workaround in this article.

How to enable bosh resurrection globally and on specific deployment (89202) - Bosh resurrector plugin is a tool used to recreate the vm if it is not in running state. Check on how to enable it in this article.

Application Service Adapter for TAP

Scope of Support - Application Service Adapter - This article can be used as a practical guide to help understand what is and is not covered by Tanzu Support for customers using Application Service Adapter for VMware Tanzu Application Platform.

Product Series

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VIP lounge - Exclusive Tanzu Support Hub community group for L2 customers

Do you have an active support contract for VMware products?

Did you know you have access to a support hub community group called VIP lounge?

How to access it: Navigate to Tanzu Support Hub and click on the support community tab, click on ‘groups’ in the top right corner - If you are an L2 customer with an active support contract, you should see the VIP Lounge in the Active Groups list. Click on the VIP lounge logo and enjoy your access to exclusive content!

Welcome to the VIP Lounge: A Tanzu Support Hub community group

The VIP Lounge is an unlisted exclusive community group for all L2 customers fostering a one-stop-shop for everything digital support. Members gain access to exclusive content, monthly events, and a direct line of support to product experts and support engineers. In previous months, the VIP Lounge has hosted engaging webinars such as ask the experts, technical deep dives, and an Icebreaker into Kubeapps, but has big plans for future events. This group is intended as the ultimate self-service community where members can interact, ask and answer each other’s questions, and share their expertise and experience. The VIP Lounge is the Tanzu ‘white glove’ experience for an extra line of support while also building long lasting customer-employee relationships.

Coming up!!! - VIP lounge event “TMC Ask the expert” with Dashaun Carter, on Oct 5th at 10 am EST. Register now!!! (Webinar only available for VIP Lounge members*)

Bring all your burning questions about TMC for deep dive ask the expert session.

If you would like to learn more about the VIP Lounge, share content, or participate in an event, please reach out to Jamie Gravatte for more information.

Customer Success Stories


Ericsson Charging Achieves VMware Ready for VMware Tanzu Certification

Ericsson and VMware have come together with a certified interoperable offering, Ericsson Charging with VMware Tanzu. Ericsson Charging became the first-ever product to receive the VMware Ready for VMware Tanzu certification, the highest level of endorsement offered by VMware to partners’ products compatible with VMware Tanzu.

VMware Tanzu perfectly complements Ericsson’s ambitions by providing a trusted, more secure, and scalable platform for modern applications. Through this collaboration and the certified offering, Ericsson and VMware aim to make the containerized version of Ericsson Charging with VMware Tanzu the preferred option for CSPs that are looking for a modern, cloud native solution to address their 5G monetization needs.

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To learn more about the VMware Ready for VMware Tanzu certified Ericsson Charging solution, visit the solution page on VMware Marketplace.  Also check out VMWare Explore Session: Charging Apps with Ericsson and recent blog published by Ericsson

Blogs and Videos

Tanzu Test Drive Hands on Experience

Did you know about these 1-click Tanzu Test drive experiences?

Tech Blog Recommendation

vSphere with Tanzu – new TKG 2.0 ClusterClass Preview - Cormac Hogan previews the ClusterClass of TKG 2.0.

From Virtual Machines to Kubernetes and More Power to Developers: A VMware Explore 2022 Recap - Carol P updates on  how VMware helps from  Cloud chaos to Cloud smart with this blog.

Webinars and Events

Tanzu Office Hours - 5 more days to go.  Register for this if you have not!!!

If you’re interested in learning about Tanzu Mission Control, join our office hours to get direct access to VMware’s Kubernetes experts and enable you to leverage all the capabilities of VMware's Modern Application solutions.

Oct 5 -  Recommended Kubernetes Policies for Securing Applications in Production in VMware Tanzu Mission Control - Register now!!!  - During these office hours, you will learn about cluster groups and workspaces, access policies, common pitfalls as well as a quick demo and interact with technical experts

VMware Explore Event - Compiled list of sessions and schedule available now!!

VMWare Explore ( Europe Registration - November 7-10) -  All Things VMware Tanzu at VMware Explore 2022 Europe - The VMware Explore Europe event is coming up! Check out the sessions, experts, labs and experiences you love and more from the center of the multi-cloud universe. Share the news with your customers and encourage them to register and view the  Europe Content Catalog  FAQ on event

Spring One Event Coming Up - Register is now Open!!!

Spring One (December 6–8, 2022 in San Francisco Registration link)
The event for developers, DevOps pros, and software leaders building scalable apps in a world that never stops changing. Checkout Session list  . On top of all the great sessions and speakers, we’re also offering several industry-leading workshops so you can advance your skills even further. Interact with instructors 1:1 as you get started—or push ahead—with new cloud tech. Learn more info here and  Josh’s My Spring One 2022 Preview.

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