TAP 1.5 – App SSO Enhancements

April 13, 2023

App SSO Overview

App SSO is one of the great features offered in TAP, which has received a bunch of love in TAP 1.5 App SSO provides the needed APIs for curating and consuming a "Single Sign-On as a service" offering on Tanzu Application Platform.

Through App SSO, one can easily integrate TAP based workloads with SSO, in a secure, simple, and straightforward manner.

What’s new in TAP 1.5?

In TAP 1.5, App SSO has been enhanced with a few key new sets of functionality. The ones I am extremely excited about are:

  1. New AuthServer CORS API
  2. Role claim mapping from External IDP group membership
  3. New default auth scopes for users

Let’s take a look at each of these features and what they bring to the table.

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