TAP 1.5 – Application Accelerator Updates

April 13, 2023

Application Accelerator Overview

App Accelerator helps you bootstrap developing your applications and deploying them in a discoverable and repeatable way.

You can think of app accelerator as a way to publish a software catalog to your end users, which will allow them to fill out a simple and customizable form, that will then generate a templated set of files which they can start iterating on for there new project.

Enterprise Architects author and publish accelerator projects that provide developers and operators in their organization ready-made, enterprise-conformant code and configurations.

App Accelerator, is based on the Backstage Software Template plugin, and enriches it with additional capabilities and features to make it extremely easy to use.

What Is New In TAP 1.5

With every release of TAP, we get some new and exciting features in App Accelerator, and this is very much the case in TAP 1.5!

There are 3 key new features in App Accelerator:

  1. IntelliJ Plugin for App Accelerator
  2. Accelerator Generated Projects Provenance
  3. Global activation or deactivation of Git repo creation flow


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