TAP 1.5 – Azure DevOps Is Now Supported

April 13, 2023


Back in December 2022, While working on designing a TAP implementation for a customer of mine, I came to learn that they use Azure DevOps as their Git server.

Immediately i decided to take a look at how it would work with TAP, and ran into a bunch of issues.

Azure DevOps is not a standard Git server, and many limitations and differences are present that make the integration difficult.

I ended up diving deep into the weeds, and was able to make the integration work, through some custom overlays.

This solved my issue, but was not an officially supported configuration, and as such I shared with people on the TAP team my findings, and my implementation of a POC on building in such an integration. I also wrote a blog post detailing the steps needed to get this working.

TAP 1.5 – Official Support for Azure DevOps

Now in TAP 1.5, VMware have built in support for Azure DevOps out of the box which is amazing!

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