TAP 1.5 – External Secrets Operator Enhancements

April 13, 2023

TAP 1.5 – External Secrets Operator Enhancements

In TAP 1.4, VMware added an additional optional package to TAP for the External Secrets Operator, and in TAP 1.5 they have enhanced the integration.

What Is External Secrets Operator (ESO)

The External Secrets Operator is a Kubernetes operator that integrates with external secret management systems, for example, AWS Secrets Manager, Google Secrets Manager and Hashicorp Vault. It reads information from external APIs and automatically injects the values into Kubernetes secrets.


ESO is available as a package in the TAP package repository, but is not included in any of the profiles.

ESO can be utilized in TAP for many use cases, including for TAP installation itself, using the new GitOps installation method!

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