TAP 1.5 – GitOps Installation

April 13, 2023

TAP GitOps Reference Implementation Overview

In TAP 1.5 we now have a new and very exciting installation model, based on the GitOps methodology.

The new installation model offers a secure and simple way to manage a TAP installation, no matter what type of configuration you are targeting.

What Problems Is This Trying To Solve

One of the issues with any system we manage that must be dealt with, is where is my source of truth, and where do i store my configuration.

TAP requires credentials to be provided at installation time to multiple different types of systems such as Git Repositories, Image Registries, Authentication Providers for TAP GUI, Kubernetes credentials (in multi cluster setups), etc.

The challenge this brings is that when we have such needs, storing the config file simply in git as is would not be a secure solution. With that being said, the industry has standardized on Git being our source of truth, and keeping config locally on your machine, is not a sustainable solution either.

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