TAP 1.6 – AppSSO Improvements

July 31, 2023

Managing SSO for applications is a complex task, and since TAP 1.4, we have had a great feature called AppSSO, which is aimed at helping make the story of SSO integration much easier for developers and operators.

In TAP 1.6, a major effort was put into AppSSO to make it even more streamlined, and simple to use, while also exposing some more new advanced features, which can be very handy when needed.

In TAP 1.6 the main changes in AppSSO include:

  1. Cluster Workload Registration Class
  2. Cluster Unsafe Test Login
  3. Custom Claim Mappings
  4. Configurable token expiry settings

Lets go over what each of these improvement entails and what use cases they can help with ...

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