TAP 1.6 – IDE Plugin Improvements

July 31, 2023

The TAP IDE plugins are a critical element of the platform, as they are the main interface for most developers to the platform, and meeting developers where they want to be, which is within their IDE is a critical element of any good platform.

As is the case with every release of TAP, the IDE plugins in TAP 1.6 have also been updated with some nice new features!

Their are 4 key improvements in this area of TAP in TAP 1.6:

  1. Local Source Proxy support for IntelliJ and VSCode
  2. Support for Spring Native applications for IntelliJ and VSCode
  3. Support for Gradle projects with Live Update and Remote Debugging for IntelliJ and VSCode
  4. App Accelerator plugin for IntelliJ is now GA


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