TAP 1.6 – Local Source Proxy

July 31, 2023

One of the best new features, if not the best new feature in TAP 1.6, is the introduction of a new component called Local Source Proxy (LSP).

One of the main challenges we have seen with rolling out TAP, is that while TAP aims to provide an abstraction above kubernetes, making the infrastructure invisible to the developer, the amount of infra level config that is needed on the developers machine, just to get started was a nightmare.

From installing Tanzu CLI from Tanzu network, to getting the right access to a kubernetes cluster and configuring the correct kubeconfig, and then above all of that, the user needed docker on their machine, as well as credentials to access the image registry of choice within the organization in order to do iterative development, as the OCI registry is used as a conduit for passing the source code form the developers IDE to the remote cluster.

In TAP 1.6, a huge amount of this has been solved. I have another post in which i go into detail on the new Tanzu CLI, and in this post we will be talking about LSP which solves the docker issue ...

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