TAP 1.6 – Namespace Provisioner Improvements

July 31, 2023

What Is The TAP Namespace Provisioner?

Namespace Provisioner provides a secure, automated way for platform operators to provision namespaces with the resources and namespace-level privileges required for their workloads to function as intended. It enables operators to add additional customized namespace-scoped resources using GitOps to meet their organization’s requirements and provides continuous reconciliation using the kapp-controller to maintain the actual desired state of the namespace-scoped resources.

Why Is This Needed

For anyone that dealt with TAP before TAP 1.4, they know the experience of “Preparing a developer namespace”. As TAP is a fully kubernetes based solution, almost all configuration is done via kubernetes YAML manifests. TAP is such a powerful system, covering so many areas in the development lifecycle and the path to production, which is amazing however, this also means that lots of resources, credentials, templates, etc. must be created in a namespace in order to provide the developer with the needed permissions to deploy their applications.

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