TKG 2.1 – Initial Impressions

February 13, 2023

At the time of writing this post, TKG 2.1 has been out for just under a week.

TKG 2.1 is a major milestone, showing a truly promising future for TKG as a product. While there are still many rough edges which I will cover some of them in this post as well as some future posts, the path forwards is full of promise.

Key Changes In TKG 2.1

  1. Cluster Class
  2. Better Air Gapped Support
  3. More flexibility OOTB
  4. GitOps Friendly
  5. Better Windows Support
  6. More Powerful TMC integration
  7. More Secure
  8. Networking Improvements
  9. Certificate Management Improvements
  10. Clear Feature Support Definitions

Lets take a quick look at each of these key topics, what the include today, what will be coming hopefully soon, and what the current limitations are in these areas.

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