August 02, 2022

VMware Explore US - Tanzu Session List

This page provides a list of Tanzu focused sessions at VMware Explore in San Francisco, CA 2022
Product ID Type Title
TAP CNAT2177US Live tutorial Intro to Tanzu Application Platform
TAP CNAM1945US Live MTE Ask Me Anything about Tanzu Application Platform
TAP CNAB2995US Live session Fireside chat with VMware Modern Apps CTO, James Watters


Live session How VMware Tanzu Helps You Secure Your Applications
TAP CNAB2969USD Live session TAP (VMware Tanzu Application Platform) Untapped
TAP CNAB2383US Live session A Day in the Life of a Developer - Kickstart a New and Better Experience
TAP CNAB1951US Live session Building a delightful developer experience on Amazon EKS
TAP CNAB2376US Live session Rise of Backstage: Developer Portals at the Center of the Dev Experience
TAP CNAB2988US Live session Modern App Architectures with Spring and VMware Tanzu Application Platform
TAP CNAB2045USD On-demand Tanzu Application Platform - Developer Deep Dive
TAP CNAB2049USD On-demand Tanzu Application Platform - Technical Deep Dive for the Platform Operator


On-demand Speed App Delivery with GitOps and Modern Software Supply Chains
TAP DOSB2104USD On-demand Secure and Adaptable Cloud Native Software Supply Chains with Cartographer


On-demand Application Service Adapter for VMware Tanzu Application Platform Overview
ASA CNAB1953US Live session Building and running enterprise-grade Spring applications in the cloud
TAS CNAM2119US Live MTE Ask Me Anything about Tanzu Application Service
TAS CNAB2997US Live session Speed up Digital Transformation with VMware Tanzu Application Service


On-demand Application Service Adapter for VMware Tanzu Application Platform Overview
TAS CNAB2112USD On-demand Tanzu Application Service Technical Deep Dive
TMC 1922 Live Session

A Technical, Cultural and Economic Transformation Journey with Tanzu and Capstone

TMC 2204 On-Demand

Break Free of Day 2 Administration with Tanzu Mission Control


Delivering Enterprise Stateful Applications on Kubernetes

TMC 1968 On-Demand

TMC / TO deep dive

TMC 1924 Live MTE

Fleet Wide Kubernetes Management with Tanzu Mission Control

TMC 1940 Live session

Tanzu Kubernetes Platform and the Multi-Cloud Journey

TMC 1941 On-Demand

Get Started with Containers and Kubernetes using vSphere with Tanzu

TMC 1946 Live Session

How to Operate Tanzu in Highly Regulated Environments

TMC 2129 On-Demand

Implementing Proactive Security Measures for Apps Running on Kubernetes



Live session Achieving High Availability for Workloads Using Zones in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid


Live session How to Simplify Your Kubernetes Operations with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid


Live session vRealize Automation and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integration
TKG KUBB2149USD Live session How to Best Run Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on a Dual-Data Center Architecture On-Premises
TKG KUBB2187US Live session

Combining GitOps and VMware Tanzu to Create a Soldier-Led Software Factory with the U.S. Army 


TKG KUBB2194US Live session Enable AI Orchestration on VMware Tanzu with Run:ai and NVIDIA AI Enterprise
TKG, TMC KUBB2161US Live session

VMware Tanzu and ARM: Delivering AI/ML Workloads at the Edge

TKG CEIB1384USD Live session Deep Cooling Joint Solution Accelerating Carbon Neutral in Data Centers​
TKG, TMC, TKO KUBB1940US Live session Tanzu Platform for Kubernetes and the Multi-Cloud Journey
TKG KUBB1956US Live session Enable AI/ML Workoads in Any Environment with VMware Tanzu and Dkube 
TKG DOSB2361US Live session GitOps with VMware Tanzu for Automated Application and Service Delivery
TKG KUBB2201USD Live session How to Easily Use GPUs on vSphere with Tanzu
TKG KUBB1941USD Live session Get Started with Containers and Kubernetes using vSphere with Tanzu 
TKG, TMC KUBB1946US Live session How to Meet Compliance for a Cloud Native Platform in Highly Regulated Environments 
TKG KUBB2137US Live session Car Washes and Kubernetes: A vSphere with Tanzu Case Study
TKG CEIB2050USD Live session Data Protection for Kubernetes and Modern Applications on VMware 
TKG, TKO KUBB2126US Live session Take Modern Apps to the Edge with Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations 
TKG, TMC, TO DOSB2356US Live session Reclining into the Future with VMware Tanzu at La-Z-Boy and Ahead 
TKG KUBB2765US Live session Supercharging your TKG clusters with Tanzu packages 
TKG, TAP CNAB2314US Live session Time to Upgrade Your Database: Don’t Leave Your Modern Apps Stranded 
TO, TMC, TKG, TKO KUBB2141US Live session Building a Modern Kubernetes Platform on VMware Tanzu for 5G: Charging Apps with Ericsson
TSM, TMC, TKG, TKO KUBB2129USD Live session Proactive Security Controls for Applications Running on Kubernetes 
TKO KUBB2156US Live session Domino and VMware Tanzu: How Infrastructure Virtualization Accelerates Data Science
TAP DOSB2283US Live session How CARTO Optimized Kubernetes with VMware Image Builder 
TKG ELW-HOL-2233-01-MAP Hands-on Labs Expert-led Workshop Containers and Kubernetes 101 on VMware Tanzu
TKG KUBM1938US Live MTE Meet the Experts: Everything Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
TKG CEIM1978US Live MTE AI/Machine Learning Applications on VMware vSphere with Tanzu 

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