April 06, 2023

VMware SQL - At Your Service With Database-as-a-Service

The database market has doubled in the past five years, with projected annual revenue topping $80,000,000,000 in 2022. Most of this enormous growth is attributed to the emergence and maturity of data services from public cloud providers. The initial data services were built on the more trusted and familiar relational database management systems (RDBMS), such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL. However, the evolution of various digital initiatives has led to the wider adoption of open-source relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. As enterprises steadily increase their consumption of these multi-cloud open-source data solutions, the effective management and operation of this new dispersed fleet of databases have become a top priority.

Enter VMware SQL

VMware SQL is a self-service database management solution that reduces the burden of deploying and managing MySQL and PostgreSQL databases on Kubernetes or on Virtual Machines. The solution offers automated deployment, scaling, patching, upgrading, monitoring, disaster recovery, and more. On any cloud. In any environment. Anywhere.

To learn more about VMware SQL and how it can help enterprises navigate this new era of multi-cloud open-source data solutions, please visit the product page.

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