February 29, 2024

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition v1.16.7 Updates

There's some new updates with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (VMware TKGI) v1.16.7. 


This small minor release resolves the following issues:

  • There is a new workaround when Scaling Clusters when Compute Profile Lacks Node Pool. A new compute profile can be created that specifies a node pool and after applying the new profile, the worker nodes migrate to a new instance group. Now clusters can be scaled by running: 
    • tkgi update-cluster cluster-1 --node-pool-instances "POOL:COUNT"
  • Containerd has been updated to v1.6.28 fixes High-Severity CVE-2024-21626 in runc 1.1.11 and earlier.

NCP update to v4.1.0.5 fixes:

  • Failure of load balancer during an edit of VS instance in TKGI.
  • The parameter cookie_name is configurable in the network profile when ingress persistence_type is set as cookie.

These small releases are one of many to come as TKGi continues to bring the best experience possible. Download VMware TKGI from VMware Tanzu Network or VMware Customer Connect:

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