September 09, 2022

What's New in VMware Greenplum 6.22

VMware Greenplum 6.x was already buffed and polished. Version 6.22 adds the shine!  Let's detail a few of the new features in the latest minor release.

New Monitoring Capability

Greenplum Text (GPText) enables the processing of large quantities of raw text data into mission-critical information that guides business decisions. GPText combines a Greenplum Database cluster with an Apache SolrCloud cluster residing on the same set of hosts, resulting in a powerful text search and analysis engine.

In previous versions, there were a set of user-defined functions and command-line utilities to monitor and manage the GPText Clusters. However, in version 6.22 Greenplum Database contains a plugin that allows you to monitor GPText clusters via the Greenplum Command Center. 

Enhanced Cluster Recovery

Accidents happen. Someone inadvertently updates, modifies, or deletes production data. Incidents happen. System failure, file system damage, or database corruption. Regardless of whether an accident or incident occurs, you will be left scrambling to restore service to your database. Not to worry. Point-in-Time Recovery allows you to travel back in time, to an on-demand restore point prior to the occurrence of the adverse event.

VMware Greenplum 6.22 provides a new extension (gp_pitr) that supports the implementation of Point-in-Time Recovery for Greenplum Database 6.x. 

The gp_pitr extension provides recovery options similar to the feature set provided by PostgreSQL PITR solutions, but it does so in a massively parallel processing fashion. 

Additional Streaming Server Option (Beta)

VMware Greenplum 6.22 includes Greenplum Streaming Server (GPSS) version 1.8.0. This new version of GPSS introduces Beta support for loading data from a RabbitMQ data source. The GPSS RabbitMQ data source loads data from RabbitMQ queues (the traditional AMQP implementation) or RabbitMQ streams (persistent and replicated structure available in RabbitMQ version 3.9 and later) into Greenplum Database.

The step-by-step procedure for setting up the RabbitMQ data source along with prerequisite and other configuration information can be found here.


In addition to the above capabilities, VMware Greenplum 6.22 offers several other new and improved features that enhance the performance, management, and monitoring of the Greenplum Database. Refresh, recondition, and optimize your Greenplum deployment by upgrading to version 6.22.


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