Certified Kubernetes Administrator Study Guide

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This study guide aims to help learners prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA) exam.

A Few Notes about the exam


  • Currently (Sept 2022) the exam is based on Kubernetes version 1.24. Please take this into consideration when working with the different study material, a lot of it might use an earlier version. The goal is to align the exam environment with the current Kubernetes minor version 4-8 weeks after release date so be sure to check what version is used when sitting the exam.
  • The exam is lab/performance based and consist of different tasks/problems to be solved on the command line running on Linux
  • There’s 15-20 tasks that needs to be solved in 2 hours
  • The exam is done online and you can take it from anywhere you’d like as long as your location meets the requirements
  • Available resources during the exam is documents provided in the lab machine and ONE additional browser tab which can be used to access resources at https://kubernetes.io/docs/, https://github.com/kubernetes/, https://kubernetes.io/blog/
  • The exam environment consists of six different Kubernetes clusters, all with one master and a different number of workers. There’s also different CNIs in use so this is something to be aware of in your studying. Environment Details

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Exam Taking Tips


  • Be very comfortable with vi editor of linux
  • Practice imperative commands and depending on yaml will lead to mistakes and time consumption
  • Practice all the tasks from the kubernetes.io and book mark the pages corresponding to the syllabus
  • Make sure to login to the master nodes for upgrade and debugging question
  • use sudo , don’t login as root because thats an additional exit
  • when restoring etcd snapshot make sure you restore to the provided backup and also update the etcd.yaml and wait for the etcd pod to start
  • make sure not to spend more than 5 mins on a 4% question.
  • Only use imperative command for all operations. know your commands and careful with the version of documentation you are referring. its v1.19.0
  • IF U LOGIN TO NODE DON’T FORGET TO EXIT. All commands in the nodes have to use “SUDO”

Pro Tips 

  1. The exam comes with a free re-take, incase you feel that you are not able to reach the passing score of 66%, concentrate on remembering the questions.
  2. You are most likely to get the same questions in the second attempt.

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