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Cloud Native Security Con North America 2023



Solving Multi-Service Without a Service Mesh

Evan Anderson

When SysAdmins Quit: Protecting Kubernetes Clusters When the Owner of Multiple KUBECONFIGs Quits

Arun Krishnakumar

Cryptographic Agility: Preparing Modern Apps for Quantum Safety and Beyond

Natalie Fisher

Yes, Application Security Leads to Better Business Value. Learn How from Experts

David Zendzian, Larry Carvalho, Hillary Benson, Kirsten Newcomer

Lightning Talk: Cloud(Security)Events -- A Lightweight Framework for Security Reactions

Evan Anderson

Beyond Cluster-Admin: Getting Started with Kubernetes Users and Permissions

Tiffany Jernigan

SBOMs, VEX, and Kubernetes

Rose Judge, Kiran Kamity, Jonathan Meadows, Dr. Allan Friedman, Andrew Martin


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