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KubeCon Europe 2022



West Side CD: The Deployment Ballet Goes On

Benoit Moussaud

Harbor - Enterprise Cloud Native Artifact Registry

Yan Wang, Chenyu Zhang, Daojun Zhang, Vadim Bauer

The Maintainer's Toolkit: Must-know CNCF Resources for Project Owners

Catherine Paganini, Dawn Foster

Lightning Talk: Scaling Container Builds with Software Supply Chains

Duane DeCapite

Kubernetes is Your Platform: Design Patterns For Extensible Controllers

Rafael Fernández López, Fabrizio Pandini

What's New With SIG Windows and Deep Dive Into Windows Container Users

Mark Rossetti, Brandon Smith, Jay Vyas, Claudiu Belu

The Risks of Single Maintainer Dependencies John McBride
Cluster API Intro and Deep Dive

Yuvaraj Balaji Rao Kakaraparthi, Vince Prignano

SIG Auth Deep Dive

Margo Crawford, Mike Danese

Optimize Kubernetes on vSphere with Event-Driven Automation Steven Wong, Michael Gasch
Prow! Leveraging Developer-Centric CI for Your OSS Project! Nabarun Pal, Arsh Sharma
You're a Community Manager? But What Do You REALLY Do?!

Nanci Lancaster, Karen Chu

Unraveling the Magic Behind Buildpacks

Sambhav Kothari, Bloomberg, Natalie Arellano

Keynote: PlatformOps: It’s all about Developer Experience

Ben Hale

Contour Ingress Intro and Deep Dive Nick Young, Orlin Vasilev, Nigel Brown
Digging Into Your App's Container Image Layers for Sneaky Vulnerabilities

Pablo Galego

SIG Security Update: We Lift Together

Tabitha Sable, Pushkar Joglekar, Rey Lejano, Savitha Raghunathan

No Docker, No YAML and a Polyglot Developer Experience on Top of Kubernetes

Thomas Vitale & Mauricio Salatino

Overview and State of Knative

Mauricio Salatino, Carlos Santana

Cluster API Intro and Deep Dive

Yuvaraj Balaji Rao Kakaraparthi, Vince Prignano

Charting Your Own Course Through the Cloud Native Landscape

Matty Stratton, Whitney Lee

Optimize Kubernetes on vSphere with Event-Driven Automation Steven Wong, Michael Gasch
Kubernetes IoT Edge Working Group: Edge Device Onboarding and Management

Steven Wong, Kate Goldenring, Kilton Hopkins

Kubernetes SIG Storage Deep Dive

Xing Yang, Jan Šafránek


KubeCon America 2022



SIG Security: Empowerment Through Autonomy

Ala Dewberry, Savitha Raghunathan, Tabitha Sable

Simplified Experience Of Building Cluster API Provider In Multitenant Cloud

Sahithi Ayloo, Arun Krishnakumar

Enterprise Cloud Native Artifact Registry

Yan Wang, Daojun Zhang, Chenyu Zhang, Vadim Bauer

Knative: More Than Just Serverless Containers

Lance Ball, Naina Singh, Mauricio Salatino, Evan Anderson

Don't Mind the Gap: Securely Accessing Cloud Resources From Anywhere With SPIFFE/SPIRE

Evan Gilman

SIG Cluster Lifecycle Intro

Fabrizio Pandini, Cecile Robert-Michon

So, SBOMs Matter…Now What?

Sophie Wigmore, Frankie Gallina-Jones

What's New With SIG Windows

Mark Rossetti, James Sturtevant, Jay Vyas, Dimitrie Mititelu

A Raccoon And a Group Of Turtles Secure Clusters Together!

Pushkar Joglekar, Naadir Jeewa

A New Way To Roll: Supply Chain Choreography For Enterprise Grade Kubernetes

Kirti Apte, Steve Watkins

Balancing Yin (Community) And Yang (Company) In OSS

Nikhita Raghunath, Kiran Mova

How the Basics Of Kubernetes Auth Scale For Organizations

Leigh Capili

The Windows Operational Readiness Specification

Amim Moises Salum Knabben, Xinqi Li

SIG Contributor Experience Deep Dive

Nabarun Pal, Madhav Jivrajani, Marky Jackson, Kaslin Fields

Tutorial: Reducing the Sticker Price Of Kubernetes Security

Pushkar Joglekar

Tutorial: So You Want To Develop a Cluster API Provider?

Anusha Hegde, Winnie Kwon, Richard Case, Avishay Traeger

“Why Can’t Kubernetes Devs Just Add This New Feature? Seems So Easy!”

Ricardo Katz, Carlos Panato

Understanding the Future of Ingress-nginx

James Strong, Chainguard, Ricardo Katz

Keynote: What a RUSH! Let’s Deploy Straight to Production!

Whitney Lee, Mauricio Salatino

Keynote: Beyond Automation: Kubernetes Success Requires a GitOps Mindset

Shatarupa Nandi

How To Handle Node Shutdown In Kubernetes

 Xing Yang, Ashutosh Kumar

Multi-Tenancy: Tips, Tricks, Tools And Tests

Adrian Ludwin, Tasha Drew, Ryan Bezdicek, Fei Guo


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