VMware Certified Professional - App Modernization Study Guide

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Disclaimer: This guide is a community effort to provide information related to the VCP-AM exam. This document do not provide any assurance or warranty that it can successfully prepare users to pass the VCP-AM Exam. This document is not officially reviewed or endorsed by VMware Education Services.

About the VMware Certified Professional - Application Modernization - Exam Number 2V0-71.21

The VCP-AM certification validates a candidate’s expertise with VMware Tanzu Standard Edition including vSphere with Tanzu, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Tanzu Mission Control. This certification also demonstrates fundamental cloud native skills including containerization, Kubernetes, and application modernization.

The VCP-AM is a 55 question exam, which must be completed within 130 minutes.

Preparing for the VCP-AM Exam

Before scheduling the exam, candidates are required to complete one of the VMware Education Courses listed under "Step 2" on this page.

Important: Because this exam covers multiple products, none of the required courses covers all exam topics, and candidates will need to thoroughly review the official exam study guide to ensure adequate preparation for all exam topics.

Each of the courses listed above provide coverage of the exam topics related to the product covered in the course. Candidates should plan for additional study of the exam topics that are not included in the course(s) a user may choose to take. If a candidate were to take all of the above listed courses, they should provide complete coverage of all exam topics; However only one official course is required and many candidates prefer to take one course and self-study to gain adequate knowledge of all exam topics.

The following sections contain links to official certification materials, as well as additional courses and resources that provide additional information about the exam topic.

Review Official Exam Resources

The links below are for official resources from VMware Education Services about the VCP-AM. It is recommended that you review each item thoroughly in preparation for the exam:

Additional Resources to Help Prepare

We have received feedback from community members that several ModernApps Learning and KubeAcademy Courses are very helpful in preparing for the exam. Each free ModernApps Learning course also provides a verified digital badge to participants who complete all course requirements.

In addition to courses, there are several other learning resources that are helpful in preparing for the exam listed below.

Please note that these resources are not designed specifically for VCP-AM, and may not cover all exam topics, so while they may be very helpful for exam preparation, candidates should be sure to fully review all exam topics in the official exam study guide and do additional study to ensure you have thoroughly reviewed all exam topics.

Recommended Courses

Recommended Labs and Learning Resources

  • These VMware Hands-on-labs provide hands-on exercises for each of the products featured in the VCP-AM including Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, vSphere with Tanzu, and Tanzu Mission Control.
  • VMware Pathfinder provides several free learning paths which include hands-on-lab activities for the Tanzu Portfolio.
  • VMware Tanzu Developer Center provides a large number of learning guides, interactive workshops and other educational resources for cloud native technologies and the Tanzu Portfolio

Community Resources, Tips, and Testimonials

If anyone studying for the VCP-AM Exam has any tips, recommended resources or testimonials, the community is incredibly grateful if you can please share your recomendations.

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