VMware Explore 2023 EU - Modern Applications & Cloud Management Sessions Recordings and Slides

VMware Explore 2023 has officially concluded! Here are the Modern Applications & Cloud Management VMware Explore US 2023 Breakout sessions. This table is based on the work of William Lam https://github.com/lamw/vmware-explore-2023-session-urls/blob/master/vmware-explore-emea.md

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Solution Keynotes


Session Title Speakers
CEIK2158BCN Solution Keynote: Innovations to Accelerate Your Enterprise Cloud Transformation Krish Prasad, Anu Kirpekar, Chad Skipper
CEIK2161BCN Solution Keynote: Everything Everywhere All at Once ??? Living on the Edge with VMware Henning Loeser, Sanjay Uppal, Pierre-Marie Binvel
MAPK2159BCN Solution Keynote: Accelerate Application Delivery for Continuous Innovation Purnima Padmanabhan, Betty Junod, Oren Penso
PARK2382BCN Partner Keynote Ricky Cooper, Prashanth Shenoy, Susan Yeager, Chris Wolf, Joseph George
TECK2157BCN Technology Innovation Showcase Chris Wolf, Das Kamhout, Kit Colbert, Natalie Fisher
VIK2422BCN Modern-Day Explorers Keynote Alastair Humphreys, Allison Crooker, Dee Caffari, MBE, Sarah Cruddas



Session Title Speakers Presentation
CEIB1217BCN Elevate Your App Modernization Journey with Developer-Ready Cloud Manish Arora, Sachi Bhatt Download PDF
CSXB1294BCN INAIL: Embracing a New Cloud Operating Model in the Public Sector fabio romeo, Antonio Tommaso Download PDF
CSXB1301BCN How to Migrate 25K Workloads to VMware Cloud Foundation with Security Posture Sonal Jain, Ratnesh Pandey N/A
INDB1738BCN Innovation Power ??? Defense Digital Factories Jeremiah Sanders, Dre Abadie Download PDF
MAPB1085BCN GenAI & ML in Tanzu Hub: Powering the Tanzu Intelligence Services Marius Vilcu, Mohammad Abdel-Jalil Download PDF
MAPB1116BCN Is the Developer Portal Backstage Worth the Hype? Timo Salm, Lloyd Woodroffe Download PDF
MAPB1257BCN Orange Journey to Reduce Their Carbon Emissions & Focus on HPM Vincent M??oc, Valentin Bondzio, thibaut favier Download PDF
MAPB1264BCN Get Started with Containers, Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu Robert Guske, Alexander Ullah Download PDF
MAPB1277BCN 60 Minutes of Virtually Speaking Live: Cloud Data Management Emad Younis, John Nicholson, Peter Flecha, William Lam, Jad El-Zein Download PDF
MAPB1310BCN A GitHub Actions-Based DevOps Process for VMware Aria Automation Projects Venkat Jagana, Adrian Doroiman, Tomasz Kr??likowski Download PDF
MAPB1335BCN Garanti BBVA Transformation to Automated, Sustainable and Proactive Cloud Infrastructure Murat Sandal, Kursad Cokyaman, Goker Eratay Download PDF
MAPB1358BCN A Decade of Platform Engineering with VMware Tanzu Nick Kuhn, Daniel B??gelein, Christoph Villnow, J??rgen Su??ner, Mia Villarreal, Robert Kloosterhuis Download PDF
MAPB1362BCN Platform Engineering in the Wild with VMware Tanzu Application Service Nick Kuhn, Elizabeth Morris, J??rgen Su??ner Download PDF
MAPB1392BCN Migros: Automate Kubernetes Platform Ops with VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Darin Zook, Serhat Baydar, Kevin Brady Download PDF
MAPB1429BCN From FinOps to GreenOps ??? Public Cloud Sustainability and Compliance Cis Schuchmann, Lucas Paratore Download PDF
MAPB1521BCN IPZS: A Modern Digital Application Platform to Speed Up Public Services Paolo Bazzica, Rinaldo Tullio Download PDF
MAPB1581BCN Decarbonizing the Future: STMicroelectronics' Journey to Carbon Neutrality Olivier JOUBERT Download PDF
MAPB1614BCN Get Proactive with VMware Skyline: Day 2 Essential Workflows Kelcey Lemon Download PDF
MAPB1615BCN Managing Kubernetes and Sovereign Data Needs with Tanzu Mission Control Joe Mann, Francois Loiseau Download PDF
MAPB1638BCN Leverage Greenplum Data Warehouse as a Vector Database for AI Applications Ahmed Hazourli, Ruxue Zeng Download PDF
MAPB1699BCN Crossing the Kubernetes Bridge ??? VMware Tanzu Makes the IT Admin a Developers??? Hero Kevin Brady Download PDF
MAPB1724BCN How to Build a Successful FinOps Service with VMware Tanzu CloudHealth Dean Gardner, Anthony Poh, Jack Gardiner, Cathal Cleary Download PDF
MAPB1747BCN Achieve AI/ML-Based Insights with Full-Stack Contextual Observability Anil Gupta, Rishi Sharda, Sreehari Govind Download PDF
MAPB1755BCN Marketing Your Internal Developer Platform: An Essential Skill for Success Michael Cot??, Keith Lee Download PDF
MAPB1805BCN Leverage Machine Intelligence for your Application Modernization Marc Zottner N/A
MAPB1852BCN Revolutionizing the Path to Prod: Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Developers Elaine Barry, Filipe Abrahao N/A
MAPB1859BCN How Airbus Leverages Tanzu Application Catalog to Secure Open Source Software Supply Chain Carlos S??nchez, OLIVIER LAGARDE Download PDF
MAPB1880BCN INPS Front-End Modernization Journey with Spring Cloud Gateway Pierpaolo Bonanni, Matteo Colombi Download PDF
MAPB1951BCN Best Practice Sharing: Data Sovereignty and Applications in a Hybrid World P??draigh Griffin CCRS NCSE PD Cyber MBA, Craig Parker Download PDF
MAPB2173BCN A Unique Approach to Automate and Scale Governance in Cloud Environments Michael Poore, Brandon How Download PDF
MAPB2283BCN An Introduction to VMware Tanzu Application Platform Myles Gray, Richard Marsden, Matthew Gibson Download PDF
MAPB2284BCN Introduction to VMware Tanzu Valentina Alaria, Arthur Fewell Download PDF
MAPB2285BCN Introduction to VMware Tanzu Application Engine Ben Hale, Samuel Des Baux Download PDF
MAPB2288BCN Accelerating Innovation with Spring, the Anniversary Edition Cora Iberkleid, Dan Vega Download PDF
MAPB2289BCN A Day in the Life of a Modern Application Compliance Audit David DMZ Zendzian Download PDF
MAPB2291BCN Introducing VMware Tanzu Intelligence Services Rachna Srivastava, Dan Naparstek Download PDF
MAPB2292BCN A Multi-Cloud Assessment and Migration with VMware Tanzu Transformer Sesh Sayani Download PDF
MAPB2294BCN Centralized Global Operations for Multi-Cloud Using VMware Aria Operations Fernando Bertran, Galina Slavova Kostova Download PDF
MAPB2295BCN Kubernetes Management and Operations for VMware Cloud Thomas Kopton, Meera Menon Download PDF
MAPB2297BCN Network Observability for Private and Public Cloud with VMware Aria Operations for Networks Sesh Sayani, Ray Belleville Download PDF
MAPB2298BCN A Customer View and What???s New with VMware Aria Operations for Networks Ray Belleville, Ian MacKinnon, Sri Jeevaraj Download PDF
MAPB2299BCN Empower Developer Experience: Digital Transformation, IaC and VMware Aria Automation Joel King, Simran Arora Download PDF
MAPB2300BCN Apps and Infra Management with the New VMware Tanzu Integrated Solution Powered by Tanzu Hub Oren Penso, Simone Morellato Download PDF
MAPB2318BCN Protect Your Kubernetes Workloads and Ensure Resiliency with VMware Tanzu John Dwyer, Darin Zook Download PDF
MAPB2367BCN AI Without GPUs: Run AI/ML Workloads on Intel AMX CPUs with vSphere 8 and Tanzu Chris Gully, Earl Ruby Download PDF
MAPB2475BCNS NTT DATA???s Global Hybrid Cloud Services dominic bagnulo, Oscar Garcia Download PDF
MAPB2636BCNS Panel with IBM & its Partners: IBM Cloud for VMware, Driving Business Success Barry Brown, Matthias Fuhrmann, Andrea Gini, Kevin Reid, Rajeev Chopra Download PDF
VMWB1503BCN Improve Cloud Optimization and Sustainability Stance with VMware Aria Operations Brian Danaher, Anoop Sivaraman Download PDF
VMWB1504BCN How VMware Navigated Kubernetes Complexities with VMware Aria Operations for Networks Brian Danaher, Aditya nk Download PDF
VMWB2276BCN How VMware IT Transitioned from Monolith to Microservices Jairo Brenes Jimenez, Plamen Petkov Download PDF
CEIB1216BCN Sovereign-Compliant, Tenant-Managed Encryption and KMS Leveraging VMware Cloud Director Joerg Lew, Radostin Tsanev Download PDF
MAPB1113BCN Samsung Gen 5 NVMe Reference Architecture Lowers TCO for Big Data Analytics Ivan Novick, Mayank Saxena Download PDF
MAPB1236BCN Unleash the Power of Cloud Native ??? Insights from a Leading Cloud Provider Eiad Al-Aqqad, ORHAN BIYIKLIOGLU Download PDF
MAPB1342BCN Unlock the Power of VMware Tanzu with evoila's AWS Marketplace Services Michele Arpaia, Christian M??ller Download PDF
MAPB1443BCN UK Health Security Agency Streamlines Cloud to Accelerate Digital Healthcare Jonny Da Silva, Cathal Cleary Download PDF
MAPB1768BCN The Future of VMware Tanzu and Platform Engineering ??? A Customer Perspective Darran Rice, Michael Cot??, Thomas Mueller Download PDF
MAPB1954BCN Unleashing the Potential of VMware Aria Operations for Logs Pawel Wojno Download PDF
MAPB2229BCNS Zero BS Backup for the VMware Admin with Veeam Data Platform Edwin Weijdema, Kirsten Stoner Download PDF
MAPB2293BCN What's New in VMware Aria Operations and VMware Aria Operations for Logs Sowmya Srinivasa, Amit Kumar Download PDF
MAPB2296BCN What???s New in Aria Automation: How Deutsche Bank Leverages Aria Automation as a Hybrid Cloud Control Plane Helmut Silberbauer, Shanky Chandra Gowri, Brandon How Download PDF

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