VMware Tanzu Application Platform sessions at VMware Explore US 2022

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CNAT2177US Tutorial: Intro to VMware Tanzu Application Platform Dodd Pfeffer, Martez Killens, Christopher Samp
CNAB2045USD Tanzu Application Platform: Deep Dive for Developers Ben Wilcock, Alex Barbato
CNAB2049USD Tanzu Application Platform: Deep Dive for Platform Operators Myles Gray, Duane DeCapite
CNAB2376US Rise of Backstage: Developer Portals at the Center of the Dev Experience Jen Kelly, Andrei Zimin
CNAB2383US A Day in the Life of a Developer: Kick-Start a New and Better Experience Nivedita Ghosh, Corby Page, Max Aristilde


Building a Delightful Developer Experience on Amazon EKS

Samuel Des Baux, Elvis Pappachen, Ryan Baker

CNAB2656USD API-First Development on Tanzu Application Platform Chris Sterling, Dekel Tankel
CNAB2214US How VMware Tanzu Helps You Secure Your Applications Adib Saikali


Panel Discussion: What Is the Business Value of Developer Experience?

Jesse Bean, Jenn Spykerman, JT Perry, Jim Kohl


Services Toolkit for VMware Tanzu: Technical Deep Dive

Ed King, Srikanth Manvi


TAP (VMware Tanzu Application Platform) Untapped

Brian Chang, Kerry Schaffer, Joe Hoh, Bryan Kelly, Nathan Scheunemann, Jurgen Subner, Jonathan Regehr


Modern App Architectures with Spring and VMware Tanzu Application Platform

Timo Salm

DOSB2116US VMware Tanzu Application Platform and Upbound Crossplane Ryan Baker, Aaron Torgerson
DOSB2106USD Speed App Delivery with GitOps and Modern Software Supply Chains Zach Robinson, Duane DeCapite
CNAB2423USD Application Service Adapter for VMware Tanzu Application Platform overview Nick Kuhn, Eric Malm


Fireside chat with VMware Tanzu CTO, James Watters

James Watters


A Year of Transformation at the United States Army Software Factory

Vito Errico, Edward Hieatt

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