VMware Explore 2023 US - Modern Applications & Cloud Management Sessions Recordings

VMware Explore 2023 has officially concluded! Here are the Modern Applications & Cloud Management VMware Explore US 2023 Breakout sessions. This table is based on the work of William Lam https://williamlam.com/2023/08/on-demand-session-urls-for-vmware-explore-us-2023.html

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Solution Keynotes

Session Title Speakers
K2906LV Technology Innovation Showcase Kit Colbert, Jeff Boudier, Chris Wolf, Amanda Blevins
MAPK2762LV Solution Keynote: Accelerate Application Delivery for Continuous Innovation Johan Marais, Purnima Padmanabhan, Betty Junod, Whitney Lee
SPK2763LV SpringOne Keynote: Accelerating Innovation with Spring Joachim Pasquali, Purnima Padmanabhan, Leyla Seka, Tasha Isenberg, Josh Long, DaShaun Carter, Dave Syer, Moritz Halbritter, Cora Iberkleid, Violeta Georgieva, Adib Saikali, Asir Selvasingh, Oleg Zhurakousky, Juergen Hoeller, Mark Sailes



Session Title Speakers
CEIB1318LV Lessons Learned from the Most Complex VMware Aria Automation 7 to 8 Migration to Date Lucho Delorenzi, Pontus Rydin
CEIB1501LV How to Supercharge Your Migration to vSAN Express Storage Architecture Parag Joshi, Jeff Hunter
CEIB2296LV Delivering Application Monitoring Services in Cloud Guy Bartram, Nico Guerrera
CEIB2614LV Elevate Your Application Modernization Journey with a Developer-Ready Cloud Manish Arora, Stephen Evanchik
CODEB1158LV Automating Kubernetes Management with Terraform and Tanzu Mission Control Scott Rosenberg
CODEB1792LV Get Kubernetes Clusters Under Control with VMware Tanzu Mission Control Pawel Piotrowski
MAPB1059LV Let Developers Be Developers - How Tanzu Application Platform Powers Accuris' Lumina Platform Mark Carlson, Hossein Panahi
MAPB1081LV DevSecOps the VMware Way Oren Penso
MAPB1281LV Automate Kubernetes Platform Ops with VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Darin Zook, Boskey Savla, Tim Hansen
MAPB1574LV Better Together - How VMware and Pixie Partner to Observe the Digital World Paul Allen, Michelle Nguyen, Ala Dewberry
MAPB1764LVD A Platform Engineer’s Guide to Tanzu Application Platform Myles Gray
MAPB1768LV Friends Don’t Let Friends Build a Developer Platform Keith Lee, Scott Rosenberg, Adib Saikali, Boskey Savla, Jonathan Regehr
MAPB1815LV Achieve AI/ML-Based Insights with Full-Stack Contextual Observability Rachna Srivastava, Ciaran Byrne
MAPB1869LV Lessons Learned: How HITACHI Leverages Tanzu Application Platform in Large Systems Integration Shuhei Nojiri
MAPB2122LV A Decade of Platform Engineering with VMware Tanzu Nick Kuhn, Pawel Piotrowski, Jonathan Regehr, Venkat Jagana, Kerry Schaffer
MAPB2137LV How to Build a FinOps Practice as You Transition to the Cloud Lucas Paratore, Ashley Hromatko
MAPB2354LV Building Modern Applications to Rehabilitate California’s Prison Population Jeffery Funk, Rose Fan
MAPB2355LV Get Started with Containers and VMware Tanzu: Zero to Kubernetes Bob Bauer, Thomas Kraus
MAPB2438LV From ClickOps to GitOps: A Kubernetes Evolution Story Rohan Mukesh, Nicholas Pier, alka gupta
MAPB2503LV A Customer's View on What's New with VMware Aria Operations for Networks Sesh Sayani, Erik Warnken, Ray Belleville, Pravin Goyal, Matt Just
MAPB2505LV A Multi-Cloud Assessment and Migration with VMware Aria Migration Sathyamurthy Dattathreya Hassan, Nick Bonifacio, Matt Just, Ken Nalbone
MAPB2680LV How VMware Uses Backstage to Create a Unified Internal Developer Portal Kathy Koch, Andrei Zimin
MAPB2694LV A Day in the Life of Developers - Kick-Start a Superior Developer Experience Sanjeev Gautam, sriram krishnamachari, Corby Page, Nivedita Ghosh
MAPB2695LV How VMware IT Built a Robust Public Cloud Platform with VMware Aria Sanjna Srivatsa, Marie Burke, Swapnil Hendre, Ravishankar Rao
MAPB2698LV Centralized Global Operations for Multi-Cloud Using VMware Aria Operations Sajan Liyon, Adrian Ayran
MAPB2699LV Kubernetes Management and Operations for VMware Cloud Arkadiy Shapiro, Iwan Rahabok
MAPB2700LV Extensibility and Content with VMware Aria on VMware Cloud Dennis Avondet, Ragav Gopalan
MAPB2777LV Accelerate App Delivery: Develop with VMware Tanzu Lefteris Marakas, Kerry Schaffer
MAPB2778LV Accelerate App Delivery: Operate with VMware Tanzu Darin Zook, Boskey Savla
MAPB2779LV Accelerate App Delivery: Optimize with VMware Aria Rachna Srivastava, Mike Pawlowski
MAPB2780LV Accelerate App Delivery on VMware Clouds: Exploring the Power of VMware Tanzu and VMware Aria Cloud Management Mark Leake, David Linthicum
MAPB2781LV Accelerate App Delivery & Centralize Management on Public Cloud with Tanzu & Aria Simone Morellato, Oren Penso
MAPB2795LV AI Powers New Use Cases with VMware Data Products Ivan Novick, Ian Pytlarz
MAPB2825LV An Introduction to VMware Tanzu Application Platform Samuel Des Baux, Zach Robinson, Johan Marais
MAPB2841LV From PoC to Prod to Multi-Cloud: Customer Stories with VMware Technology Carol Pereira, Dennis Avondet, Juan Narvaiz
MAPB2843LV Automation Brilliance - Build Better Cloud Services Tristan Todd, David Stamen
MAPB2868LV Discover Your Clusters, Back Them Up, and Manage Costs with VMware Tanzu and VMware Aria Nipun Agarwal, Pavan Chavva
MAPB2869LV Aria Automation for Management of Public Cloud Environments and Workloads Shanky Chandra Gowri, Meena Girish, Brandon How, Robert Jones
MAPB2871LV A Unique Approach to Automate and Scale Governance in Cloud Environments Jyoti Sharma, Emily Wong
MAPB2888LVD AI/ML and Cloud: Better Together Anirudh Sareen
MAPB2896LVD Build a Self-Service Portal in a Multi-Cloud Environment Maher AlAsfar
MAPB2897LVD Creating Custom Dashboards with VMware Aria Operations Tim George
MAPB2901LVD A Deep Dive into Kubernetes Policy Management for Distributed Systems Sneha Narang, Ryan Conley
MAPB3017LVD API-Driven Service Mesh: The Future of Microservices Architecture Vibha Tripathi
NSCB2395LVD Advanced Load Balancer Design, Automation and Operations at Large Scale Mitesh Pancholy, arin dube
VMTN2632LV VMware IT's Modern App Platform Delivers a Superior Developer Experience Mukund Yadav, Jairo Brenes Jimenez
VMTN2691LV How to Transform Your Cloud Journey with the VMware Cloud Well-Architected Framework Caio Oliveira
VMTN2692LV Providing BC and DR to Oracle Workloads on VMware Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Sudhir Balasubramanian
VMTN2800LV The Top 5 Tools Customers Want When Managing Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Carol Pereira
VMTN2807LV Fast-Track Your App Development Using AI/ML Open Source Tools and Platforms Mukund Yadav, Scott Tilney
VMTN2815LV Track Your Decarbonization Journey with Green Score in VMware Aria Operations Varghese Philipose
VMTN2823LV Managing Your Kubernetes Fleet with Tanzu Mission Control Lawrence Kohan
VMTN3074LV Using & Managing Microsoft Azure for the VMware Admin Mike Nelson
VMTN3075LV GitHub for Newbies in 12 Minutes Mike Nelson
VMTN3213LV Data Protection 101: Understanding the Basics and Importance Shelly Calhoun Jones, Jed Wallace
VMWB1679LV How VMware IT Runs Databases in VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Jino jose, Lincu Abraham
VMWB2454LV Discover How VMware IT Moved to Multi-Cloud and Achieved 99.99% Availability Swapnil Hendre, Manas Singh, Jairo Brenes Jimenez
VMWB2851LVD How VMware IT Shares Their Best Practices with VMware Aria Operations for Logs Ravishankar Rao, Fassil Ahmad War
VMWB2852LVD Future of Observability with VMware Aria Operations for Applications Magin George, Anoop Sivaraman
CEIB2577LVD Mastering the Fusion of NSX Advanced Load Balancer with VMware Cloud Director Abdul Aziz Mohammed, Jaikishan Tayal
CSXB2278LV Liberty Mutual - VMware Cloud Foundation Modernization Journey Chethan B H, Ravi Chandra Jampani, Sarah Elsherif
MAPB1330LV Managing Kubernetes and Sovereign Data Needs with Tanzu Mission Control Joe Mann, Francois Loiseau
MAPB1517LV Maximizing Cloud Efficiency with VMware Aria Christopher Kusek, Anthony Hornacek
MAPB2317LV My Software Supply Chain Was Compromised - 6 Words Nobody Wants to Hear Ryan Baker, Ramiro Salas
MAPB2467LV Machine Learning in Tanzu Hub: Powering the Tanzu Intelligent Services Marius Vilcu, Mohammad Abdel Jalil, Darien Schettler
MAPB2497LV Revolutionizing the Peruvian Financial Market Yanina Sotro, Giancarlo Bustamante, German Lopez, Juan Antonio Duran
MAPB2678LV Platform Engineering at Scale with VMware Tanzu Application Service Nick Kuhn, Joe Hoh, Elizabeth Morris
MAPB2682LV VMware Tanzu: Your Complete Application Kubernetes Platform Andrew Babakian, Ben Hale, Duane DeCapite
MAPB2696LV VMware Aria for ALL of Your Clouds - What's New David Overbeek, Vincent Riccio
MAPB2697LV Unified Compliance for VMware Clouds with VMware Aria Nicholas Aronne, Neena Razdan, Lakshmikanth Mathur
MAPB2711LV See It Now: Integrated, End-to-End Application Delivery with VMware Tanzu Anu Srinivasa, Valentina Alaria, Arthur Fewell
MAPB2859LV Revolutionizing the Financial Services Industry with VMware Tanzu Diego Adri??n Quintana, Gustavo Demagistre, Victor Rojas, Pablo Papazian, Nicolas Solop
MAPB2867LV Protect Your Kubernetes Workloads and Ensure Resiliency with VMware Tanzu Pradeep Kumar Chaturvedi, Niran Evenchen
MAPB2887LVD Policy Enforcement with VMware Aria Guardrails Jyoti Sharma, Michael Poore
MAPB2929LVS Zero BS Backup for the VMware Admin with the Veeam Data Platform Kirsten Stoner, Anthony Spiteri
MAPB3100LVD The Day in the Life of a VMware Skyline SysAdmin Kelcey Lemon
MAPB3254LVS The Next Generation of Data Empowerment using Industry Clouds Chris Drieberg, Owen Keates
MAPB4047LVS Transform your Enterprise with the Hybrid SMART Model, VMware Tanzu & Aria alka gupta, Sachin Ohal
VMWB1356LV Propelling Customer Experiences with Multi-Cloud and App Modernization Pankaj Purwar, Hina Fatima

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