October 28, 2022

Tanzu What's New - Oct 28, 2022 Edition

Tanzu Product Releases

Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week and release notes for more details

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VMware Tanzu Operations Manager
This release includes a new version of BOSH DNS, which will cause all VMs to redeploy. This release contains a new end-user license agreement which must be manually accepted when downloading the release binaries from Tanzu Network.




Release Notes

VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS)
Check Release notes for the details on bumped up component versions.





Release Notes

Isolation Segment (ISO)

Check Release notes for the details on bumped up component versions.



Release Notes

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI)
Check Release notes and related links for product snapshot,features enhancements, resolved issues.




Release Notes

Product Snapshot

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Other Releases
Spring Cloud Gateway for VMware Tanzu
CVEs are resolved. Check release notes



Release Notes


Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes
CVEs are resolved, Updated Spring Boot OSS version Check release notes



Release Notes

API portal for VMware Tanzu
Resolved security vulnerabilities: CVE-2022-42003 and CVE-2022-40664 listed in release notes



Release Notes



Knowledge Base Articles

Tanzu Operations Manager

VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS)

VMware Tanzu Application Platform(TAP)

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGI)

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

Blogs and Videos

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

  • GPU-Ready Kubernetes on AWS Made Easy with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (Blog)
  • Video Demo on How to use TKG with AWS (Video)  - Kenny C AI/ML is a fascinating space with a great deal of promise to create a more autonomous society. However, any new technology comes with challenges trying to learn and utilize it. Do you know if you’re ready or equipped with the hardware needed to get started? If you’re using VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, then creating a Kubernetes cluster with GPU-enabled nodes might be the easiest part of this process. Watch this video to learn how.

VMware Tanzu SQL with Postgres for Kubernetes (Tanzu Postgres)

What's New with Tanzu Postgres 1.9 version which is GA now!! (Video)

VMWare Tanzu RabbitMQ

How is VMware RabbitMQ Different from Open Source RabbitMQ and Why Should You Consider It? (Blog)- Arnab C walks us through the differences between Open Source and VMWare RMQ. RabbitMQ today is the most widely deployed open-source messaging and streaming broker in the world. The VMware offering is built on open source RabbitMQ and expands on the core benefits of the open-source version. Check the highlights in this blog article.

Tanzu Edge Design Partners

Do you need to run one or more applications securely and cost effectively in resource-constrained, enterprise edge environments? Are you struggling to deploy, run, and manage edge applications across a large number of remote locations? If so, we’d like to work with you!  Apply Today

Spring Updates
This Week in Spring - October 25th, 2022 - Josh L shares his exciting updates on Spring and upcoming Spring One conference and discount code, Full schedule details etc.

KubeCon NA’22 VMware Workshops
If you have missed attending the workshops in person for KubeCon, catch up with Virtual workshops


VMware Tanzu

Broadcom CEO: Innovation, Investment Coming with VMware Acquisition - Tanzu is a strategic part of VMware‘s software portfolio and will remain so …. That’s according to Hock Tan, Broadcom’s president and CEO. Check this blog for more info on What a combined Broadcom and VMware can deliver to our customers.

Webinars and Events

Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)

Nov 3 - Modern App Architectures with Spring and VMware Tanzu Application Platform (EMEA Session) - See how easy it is to create and manage modern applications with Spring Cloud and VMware Tanzu Application Platform. You will be guided through the implementation, deployment, and day 2 of a typical Spring Cloud microservices architecture application.

Tanzu Talk
Nov 14 - Tanzu Talk: Reluctant to Change Crusties - Digital Transformation Bottlenecks - Check this ebook on how to accelerate digital transformation and How Duke Energy and other companies have adapted to short software cycles - Case Study

VMware Explore Event - The Countdown Has Begun for VMware Explore Europe now!!

VMWare Explore ( Europe Registration - November 7-10) -  All Things VMware Tanzu at VMware Explore 2022 Europe - The VMware Explore Europe event is coming up!!!. Check out the sessions, experts, labs and experiences you love and more from the center of the multi-cloud universe... Share the news with your customers and encourage them to register and view the  Europe Content Catalog  FAQ on event


Spring One Event Coming Up - Registration is now Open!!!

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Spring One (December 6–8, 2022 in San Francisco Registration link)  Check Complete Schedule
The event for developers, DevOps pros, and software leaders building scalable apps in a world that never stops changing. Checkout Session list  . On top of all the great sessions and speakers, we’re also offering several industry-leading workshops so you can advance your skills even further. Interact with instructors 1:1 as you get started—or push ahead—with new cloud tech. Learn more info here and  Josh’s My Spring One 2022 Preview.


Nov 9 - AWS and Tanzu: How to Lifecycle Manage EKS Clusters Through Tanzu Mission  Control  - Do not Miss this!!! Register now!!! - We are introducing lifecycle management capabilities of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to support customers in their application modernization efforts.

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