September 02, 2022

Tanzu What's New - Sep 2, 2022 Edition

Tanzu Product Releases

Check out Tanzu Product releases for this week and release notes for more details

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VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI)
Supports configuring Telegraf and Security fixes and many other fixes included



Release Notes

Tanzu Data Services
VMware Tanzu™ Greenplum®
Index creation is now allowed on partitioned tables containing external partitions and many more fixes



Release Notes

Knowledge Base Articles

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

Building a Harbor Appliance (OVA) to Bootstrap Thick Edge Clusters and Airgap Environments with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.6 (89416)
Registry access timeout errors in thick edge TKG deployments that experience disconnection or limited connection

Tanzu Application Service (TAS)

Understanding Log Loss in TAS-For-VMS Firehose

In this knowledge base article we will explore log transport and log loss in modern TAS-For-VMS loggregator firehose. It’s very detailed and almost like a text book. Do bookmark it.

Announcements / Product Updates

Tanzu Announcements

What’s New in VMware Tanzu: A Preview of Tanzu Announcements at VMware Explore 2022

There are several advancements to the Tanzu portfolio that can help your IT organization standardize how your teams are using Kubernetes across infrastructure. Press Release on the same

Tanzu Application Service (TAS)

Five Reasons Why I LOVE VMware Tanzu Application Service (Video)
Nick Kuhn shares why he loves TAS in this video

VMware Tanzu Application Service Updates Versioning Format and Long-Term Support Track (Blog)

Nick Kuhn ,elaborates about new version format for TAS  and updates to TAS Long Term Support and sneak peek on upcoming TAS v3.0

Sneak Peek into the Next Major Release for VMware Tanzu Application Service (Blog)

In this blog , Nick Kuhn talks about developer focused features and Operator focused features and platform extensions that will be released on TAS 3.0


VMware’s Cloud Foundry Support Grows with Tanzu Application Service, Project Korifi, and Board Seat (Blog)

Nick Kuhn ,updates on VMware’s commercial offering of Project Korifi is known as Application Service Adapter for VMware Tanzu Application Platform and learn about new version format for TAS  and updates to TAS Long Term Support

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.0 Streamlines Kubernetes Orchestration

Cindy O’Brien, shares insights on how to Streamline your experience for managing and provisioning the lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters with the second edition of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid!

VMware Tanzu Tech Zone  - New Launch !!!

New Enablement resources for platform teams using VMware Tanzu , One stop shop for practical technical guidance to evaluate, implement, and operate VMware Tanzu solutions, VMware Tanzu Tech Zone was announced in VMware Explore 2022. Let's dive in and explore Tanzu Tech Zone and pin your favorites. 

What is Tanzu Tech Zone? What's in it for me? How to Navigate ?

Simone’s Intro Video on Tech Zone Launch

Introducing the New VMware Tanzu Tech Zone! (Blog)

The new VMware Tanzu Tech Zone has been designed from the ground up to make it easier than ever to learn powerful and practical technical guidance for evaluating, implementing, and operating VMware Tanzu solutions.

Tanzu What’s New series blog will bring in a weekly newsletter on all Tanzu happenings.

You can filter by Product such as Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and check out the latest featured contents. Each product has an Activity Path with demos, hands on labs, documents to help you learn. For instance,  Check Tanzu Application Platform activity Path 

Blogs and Videos

Spring Updates

This Week in Spring - August 30th, 2022

Josh Long updates all about spring this week

 Tanzu Mission Control with Amazon EKS (TMC)

 Preview Lifecycle Management of Amazon EKS Clusters through Tanzu Mission Control
With lifecycle management for Amazon EKS clusters, operations teams will be able to offer

more choice to their developers.


Tanzu Kubernetes Operations (TKO)

Streamline and Secure Kubernetes Adoption Across Clouds with Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations (Blog)

Announcing new capabilities within VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations to enable organizations to streamline and secure Kubernetes adoption at scale across clouds.

VMware Aria Operations for Applications (formerly VMware Tanzu Observability)

Introducing Unified Observability Platform by VMware Aria Operations for Applications

excited to announce the unified observability platform, which brings together metrics, traces, and log management to deliver critical business outcomes.


Webinars and Events

Aug 23 - Scale, Build, and Manage Kubernetes Deployments (Webinar Recording)

Tanzu Office Hours - Do not miss the next one on Oct 5th

If you’re interested in learning about Tanzu Mission Control, join our office hours to get direct access to VMware’s Kubernetes experts and enable you to leverage all the capabilities of VMware's Modern Application solutions.

Oct 5 -  Recommended Kubernetes Policies for Securing Applications in Production in VMware Tanzu Mission Control - Register now!!!
During these office hours, you will learn about cluster groups and workspaces, access policies, common pitfalls as well as a quick demo and interact with technical experts


VMware Explore US Event - That’s a Wrap!!

With over 10,000 registered attendees, and many more joining us online, VMware Explore US was an absolutely incredible event!

VMware Explore 2022 General Session Replay

VMWare Video Library will help you all to catch up with featured sessions

VMware Explore 2022 – News Summary

Checkout what the attendees share on VMware explore event experience (Tweets)

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