VMware Aria Operations for Networks : Journey To Success

Introduction to VMware Aria Operations for Networks

Hello and Welcome from VMware Aria Operations for Networks!

You can use this site as a roadmap for your observability journey to success. It includes a variety of use cases from getting started to becoming a power user. You can navigate as you want; you are not required to read it in order, but you may do so as needed. Besides, if you are looking to expand your operations skills, we can help. Skip to the last section and let the fun begin!

If you’re wondering how other customers use VMware Aria Operations for Networks, please visit the VMware Customer webpage.

Getting Started

The first few steps in our journey start with understanding current network monitoring challenges and a basic understanding of the Aria Operations for Networks product, its architecture, and learning how to add the Data sources, configure retention policies, and fine-tune Events and Alerts using the UI and view home default dashboards to monitor platform health, Anomalies, insights, flows, and Events are presented in them. We can then use all that knowledge to troubleshoot and move on to more advanced topics.

Introduction to Aria Operations for Networks and Key Use cases

Understand current network monitoring challenges and how Aria Networks address these gaps. Get familiar with multiple use cases that Aria Operations for Networks addresses.

Understand Architecture and Scale for Aria Operations for Networks

Learn about Architecture, various deployment types and the scale and sizing guidelines for setting up Aria Networks in the environment.



Aria Networks OnPrem and Cloud Installation

Get an overview of the deployment types for Aria Networks and managing Data sources and retention configurations.



Maximize your value with Aria Operations for Networks

First day of installation!  Once all the data sources are added, use In Product guides within Aria Operations for Networks to see end-to-end network visibility.

Getting More Out Of

Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s start ramping things up to some intermediate topics like understanding every feature set Aria Networks provides, like the Network Assurance and verification, Application Discovery and Migration use cases with HCX, Guided Network troubleshooting, Security and compliance using micro-segmentation. When you complete this section, you should feel comfortable pulling all the networking insights for applications, metrics and flows for the entities using Aria Operations for Networks and making those data relevant with custom dashboards and alerts providing an application-centric holistic view.

Application Discovery

The application is what it’s all about. It’s what drives the business and generates revenue. This session shows how Aria Networks discovers applications using multiple discovery methods and helps correlate infrastructure components directly to the application for a holistic overview of the entire landscape.

Security and Compliance

Using a micro-segmentation planner and firewall rule recommendations, see how Aria Networks helps secure applications and manage compliance.


Monitoring Application Migrations with HCX

Learn how Aria Networks discovers and lays boundaries around the applications, plans out the migration, and determines the impact of network performance.


VMware Cloud on AWS networking insights

Learn how Aria networks can manage Networking & Security within VMware Cloud on AWS. From application migration planning, application discovery, security policy planning, troubleshooting VMware NSX configurations, network connections from VMC on AWS to on-prem, and much more.

Guided Network Troubleshooting

Find out how Guided Network Troubleshooting feature guides users during a troubleshooting process and helps map out relationships and dependencies, detect anomalies and provides hints to identify the root cause of an incident.



Configuring and Understanding Analytics

This section covers the Flow Insights functionality providing Day2Ops troubleshooting, identifying abnormal flows, top talking entities, and Analytics Outliers to detect traffic patterns and report on misconfiguration or DDOS attacks.


Events and Alerts

Learn about the out-of-the-box events provided by Aria Networks and creating User defined alerts using search capabilities.


Creating Custom Application Dashboards

Learn creating custom dashboards and see how it can help troubleshoot application centric issues using Single pane of glass view for Application Network KPIs

Containers: K8’s, TKGi and Openshift

Learn about the in-depth traffic visibility, topology and troubleshooting capabilities that Aria Networks provides for containers and Kubernetes platforms.


Network Device Discovery

Don’t you wish you had a network auto-discovery to find all these network elements that can help you connect the dots when troubleshooting a VM to VM logical/overlay path through the underlay network? Introducing Network Auto Discovery with Aria Operations for Networks!

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

Monitor NSX-T and physical device health, visualise overlay and underlay network paths along with 3rd party vendor devices like Cisco ACI.


Network Assurance and Verification

Get insights into complex networks using Network Map and Intents, implementing configuration best practices based on formal verifications.


PCI Compliance

Learn how Aria networks help assess the PCI Compliance for NSX deployments, provides analysis of data for PCI sections using PCI Dashboards

Crown Jewel Analysis

Crown Jewels are the most critical assets in your data center. Using Crown Jewel Analysis, find out how you can secure the most critical assets during a security event.


Learn how to manage multiple Aria networks clusters using a centralized federated view.


Becoming a Power User

This section will cover advanced topics that will help the customer fully integrate the product into their business and processes.

Search Queries

Learn to use search capabilities and type in advanced search queries to query everything vRNI collects. The query itself is written in natural language, so you don’t have to be an expert to use it.

Public APIs and PowervRNI

3rd party integrations simplified using Aria Networks Public APIs and Databus for sending network information to external tools


This session gives a detailed overview of new feature ‘Databus’. The Databus is the best way to export high volumes of data from VMware Aria Operations for Networks


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